New research reveals that just two and a half hours of exercise a week is truly the way to a healthier heart. However this doesn’t mean you have to start an exercise regime to rival an Olympic athlete, some simple gardening tasks can get you on your way to healthier living.
With the help of QVC we have the ideal products and some quick tips on how you can feel the burn in your very own garden, whilst also making it look its best. 
Weeding = Squats!
To maintain a pert bottom (or what fitness professionals call your gluteals) even the most novice gardener can introduce some squats into their weeding. You’ll soon have a derrière to rival Kylie’s – and your garden with be weed free!
Burgon & Ball Wooden Trug Hand Trowel, Fork & Twine Tool Set 

QVC Price £34.25 

Shearing and Sweeping = Arm Curls! 

Shearing hedges, especially above your head, can really give your upper arms a work out. Couple this with the sweeping of the debris afterwards and you have a great full work out for your upper body.

Lightweight Ratchet Secateurs & Scissors 
QVC Price £15.00

Ultimate Patio Drive & Pavement Cleaner with 2 Wire Heads & Slab Brush 
QVC Price £15.75

Raking = Crunches!
Just simply tightening your abdominal muscles whilst doing the common garden chores, such as raking, can strengthen your core and get you one step closer to rock hard abs.

Golden Gark Multi Purpose Lightweight Garden Rake
QVC Price £26.16


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