We'd much prefer to check Facebook than have breakfast

We'd much prefer to check Facebook than have breakfast

A healthy breakfast couldn't be further from our minds when we wake up in the morning, according to new research. It found that we'd much prefer to check our social media. 

Nearly four in 10 Britons regularly skip breakfast at home with many admitting they are too busy on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or catching up on emails.

In fact just 63 per cent of people usually have breakfast at home these days, with logging on to the internet taking precedence over having an early morning bite to eat.

New research among 2,000 people by Belvita Breakfast biscuits found almost one in three adults checks emails in the morning, while nearly a quarter log on to Facebook and Twitter to keep up with friends, leaving them short of time to eat breakfast. Other modern-day morning pressures in homes with both partners working include ironing clothes, washing up, preparing an evening meal, walking a dog and getting packed lunches ready.

Leading Nutritionist Fiona Hunter said: “Breakfast, as the word suggests, literally means ‘breaking the fast’. After 10-12 hours without food our body and brain need fuel, which is just one of the reasons why breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day.

"Breakfast doesn’t have mean a full blown meal and it doesn’t have to be something that is eaten the moment you get up. If you don’t have time to eat anything before you leave the house in the morning or you simply can’t face eating anything when you first get up its okay to wait a while."

Nearly one in five people cannot face breakfast until they have been up for a while and usually have it at their desk. Others usually have breakfast walking to work, on public transport or in a car.

One in seven people miss breakfast five times a week because they are so busy sorting everyone else in their house. In fact such is the time-pressure on many people in the morning that 19 per cent say they only have time for a cup of tea or coffee. In addition one in two people admit their energy levels are hit if they skip breakfast with 45 per cent saying they feel more productive when they eat something in the morning.

A spokesman for Belvita Breakfast, Rahul Gursahani said: "Our research shows that many time-poor Britons experience rushed mornings. Demands on people's time in the morning means breakfast is often side-lined, despite an overwhelming number of people saying they feel more productive in the morning if they make time for it. Belvita Breakfast biscuits offer a tasty and convenient solution to busy mornings and are clinically-proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours.”

While an overwhelming 60 per cent of those questioned said they would not describe themselves as 'morning people' and many stated that they wanted an extra hour in bed, others find time to cram in a whole array of different tasks. They include praying, checking the weather forecast, feeding sheep, meditating, watering a vegetable garden, checking their bank account online and even doing a quick supermarket shop.

Radio DJ Lisa Snowdon, who is the Brand Ambassador for Belvita Breakfast comments: “As a morning radio presenter, I know how important it is to start the day out right and eat a balanced breakfast to help keep me going all morning. I also understand only too well that a busy schedule can mean skipping breakfast so having an option like Belvita Breakfast is perfect for being on the go – as you can pop a packet into a bag and have with a latte and an apple.”

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