Heart disease is a big killer for women

Heart disease is a big killer for women

A straight forward conversation with the woman you love about her heart could be enough to save her life, says the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Maureen Talbot, a Senior Cardiac Nurse at the BHF, said: “Too few women realise that heart and circulatory disease is their biggest killer. I hope people will use International Women’s Day as their prompt to have a straight forward conversation with the woman they love about her heart health.

"Ignorance is fuelling women's heart risk. So while our ask is simple, the impact really could save lives."

In a bid to reduce the number of women in the UK dying from heart and circulatory disease the BHF is determined to bust the myth that only men die from heart problems. 

Heart and circulatory disease is the biggest killer of women in the UK - and across the world. It claims the lives of more than 80,000 women in the UK each year and 3.5 million are living with some form of heart problem. Globally, more than 8.6 million women die from the disease every year.

The theme of International Women's Day, which takes place today (Saturday 8 March), is 'inspiring change'.

The BHF is profiling 10 outstanding Women With Heart who have made exceptional contributions to improving the UK's heart health, whether as eminent researchers, health professionals, fundraisers or campaigners. But it hopes that as well as inspiring women to follow their hearts in their careers, women will also think about how they look after their own heart health too.

Maureen Talbot said: "International Women's Day is a brilliant opportunity to shine a light on just some of the women working tirelessly here in the UK to improve the nation's heart health. Their efforts are saving lives.

"But on a day when women are thinking and talking about how to improve their lives, we also want them to include one, potentially life-saving, conversation with another woman they love about how they look after their heart.

"Sadly most women are oblivious to the fact that heart problems are the biggest killer of women in the UK. If more women knew they were at risk, they could do something about it, whether that's losing a bit of weight, quitting smoking or just taking the dog out for longer walks.”

To help women living with heart disease, or those worried about their heart health, the BHF has created a dedicated Women’s Room, an online hub full of practical information to help women come to terms with heart disease, or help prevent it in the first place. It also offers women the chance to talk to other women, just like them, in a women-only online forum.

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