You’ll be pleased to know that it only takes a few simple steps to get your health and fitness back on track after a summer of indulging in BBQs, picnics and all-inclusive holiday resort buffets!



And to make it that bit easier, Jennifer Metcalfe, 5:2 diet brand LighterLife Fast ambassador, has compiled her best tips for staying in shape – meaning you can enjoy your non-fast days by saying ‘I can do that’ to a glass of wine or indulgent family meal without feeling guilty!

From mixing up your diet, to snacking right, or even just having a bit of support from family and friends, it’s easier than ever to keep your health in check. So easy in fact, that Jen has used LighterLife Fast to get back into dieting post-breastfeeding, and she also uses the products on her non-fast day because they are so convenient! Being a busy Mum, it can be difficult to get all the nutrition you need, but with LighterLife Fast Jen can rest assured she’s getting all her recommended daily vitamins and minerals.

So to help you on your way, here are Jen’s top tips to help you stay healthy and in shape…

Lifestyle Changes

More often than not, our hunger is just in our head, it stems from boredom or nerves, and can also be a sign of thirst rather than hunger. To combat this, try distracting yourself by reading a book or doing your own nails to help you to ride through the craving wave.

It's also important to never underestimate the importance of sleep. Studies show that people who get less than seven hours per night are heavier and gain more weight over time, so build in some early nights and grab those lay ins when you can – perhaps don’t sleep under your desk at work though!

Positive Attitude

For some people, the journey to fitness can be daunting, so why not ask a friend or family member to join you on your journey? You can have regular catch-ups to cheer and support each other through the journey – someone by your side can help guide you through those tougher days and hi five you when it’s going right.

It can also be extremely motivating to set yourself a weight loss goal with a particular piece of clothing, so be positive and buy your Christmas party dress in your goal size so you have that mental image of where you want to be.

Getting Active

Along with a healthy diet, getting active is incredibly important for improving your metabolism, overall health, rate of weight loss and body tone – so get those workouts in when you can! We’re not talking about the heavy stuff, and you don’t need to fork out on a gym membership.

Try going for a 30-minute walk or jog around the block, taking the stairs rather than the lift or escalator, parking further from the supermarket entrance or getting in some lengths in the pool. A little exercise is better than doing nothing at all.

For a bit of extra encouragement, why not try out a local fitness group like Pilates, yoga or Zumba. It’s a great way to stay motivated, get active and meet new people.

Food & Drink

Mix It Up! Ensure your diet is full of the nutrition that you need – and make sure you keep an eye on calories. The calories you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle varies depending on your age, metabolism and levels of physical activity.

Make fruit and veg the focus of your meals, as well as pulses, wholegrains, reduced-fat dairy products, lean red meat, poultry, fish and eggs for a really healthy approach.

If possible, try to eat your evening meal earlier, rather than later, as the science bods tell us this can make us feel hungrier in the 24 hours following the late-night meal.

Snack right – I eat Light Bites so I know I’m choosing healthy snacks that are under 100 calories and won’t make you feel lethargic. The range includes superfood seed bars, fruit chips and gluten free popped chips which are high in protein and fibre. If you’re following the LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet, you can also enjoy any two Light Bites on your fast day.

Remember to stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water, little and often throughout the day. Get yourself a funky bottle or add some fruit, whatever works to make it become a habit. Change things up a bit by trying calorie free water flavourings like the LighterLife Fast Pink Grapefruit flavoured drink sachets, they are great! I can also have a tea and coffee, black or with a splash of milk on a fast day.

The thought of keeping in shape shouldn’t make you shudder! It only takes a few small lifestyle changes and careful considerations to totally rejuvenate your health and kick-start your journey to getting back in shape, or maintaining your current shape.

Not only is it beneficial to your body to keep on top of your health, think of all the things you could achieve with your new found inner confidence? Because when you feel good, you look good.

So, go on…why not give Jen’s advice a go?!

With the LighterLife Fast 5:2 plan you can lose up to 2lb a week by having four LighterLife Fast® products on your two fast days – guaranteeing at least 100% of your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. The range is currently on offer at Superdrug and with meals from as little as £1.75, making it the perfect time to try and to stock up on your favourite flavours. You can also save 20% off a Kick-Off Kit until 19th September, which will help you kick-start your weight loss and boost your body confidence in just 2 weeks For more information visit 

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