Yvette Taylor, author of The Ultimate Self-Help Book, renowned Self-Development teacher and inventor of the award-winning Energy Alignment Method® (EAM) tells us how to start the day feeling aligned and energised with this perfect Daily EAM Flow Routine:

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

We've all tried it before haven't we? We promise  that we'll get up earlier, do that run, join that class, eat less chocolate, follow the diet ... Only to find days later we've let it slip and end up berating ourselves once again. 

The good news is with EAM - The Energy Alignment Method ® you can do it on the go, where ever you are. Once you learn the five steps there is no need to carve out time. So you can do stuck in traffic, in the shower, whilst cooking your dinner, standing at the supermarket or just about anywhere.   

Using EAM will empower you to shift your energy, feel more alive, awake, feel happier and more in control, so that your day and life flows more easily. 

EAM is a transformational five-step, self-help technique, specifically designed to empower you to change your life, by shifting energy, changing your thoughts and transforming your emotions.

So when you wake up in the morning feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, unhappy and dreading your day, you can follow the five simple steps to change it. This means you can empower yourself to change what you think and feel no matter what is happening around you.

This technique combines principles from Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, EnergyHealing,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology.  To create one powerful process you can introduce into your daily routine. Check in with yourself every morning, whilst you’re brushing your teeth, boiling the kettle or something which is already a part of your routine. 

Here is a quick overview of what you can do.  First close your eyes and stand with your feet hips width apart, make sure your knees are slightly bent and relax.


This step is to give you clarity on what you need to shift. Ask your energy a simple question about the subject to see if it is something you need to work on.  

Example: “Am I holding any resistance or worry when I think about making money?”


Your energy body will respond and give you the YES or NO answer to the question you asked. You will notice that your body will sway Forward is usually YES and backward is usually NO. (I say USUALLY) because it can vary.


The easiest way to do this step is just to notice what happens in your body when you think about the issue. For example does it make you heavy ? Or give you a sicky feeling in your stomach ?


Now you’re clear from STEP 3 what it feels like in your body, you can repeat a statement like this. “I am ready to release (whatever the subject) or (eg. this sickness in my stomach when I think about money) I release it from my energy in all forms, on all levels and at all points in time.” Repeat this statement at least three times or until you can no longer feel it.  


Now you’re ready to allow a new feeling in your body, an emotion, new belief, thought or pattern. This is about manifesting the new experience you want to have. Choose a positive affirmative statement: “I am ready to receive / create / feel / manifest / experience “ (whatever the subject). I allow this into my energy, in all forms, on all levels and at all points in time.” You should repeat this statement at least three times or until your body responds with a positive sway forwards (YES) when you are affirming. Keep repeating this statement until you feel it in your energy.

Try this for yourself and see what shifts for you. If you want to find out about EAM you can pop here www.theultimateselfhelpbook.com and download a free chapter of the book to get started. 

Yvette Taylor will host The Ultimate Self-Help Live from January 18-20, 2019 at Renaissance London Heathrow - The event can also be taken live at home. For more information on The Ultimate Self-Help Live please visit the event’s official website.

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