It’s safe to say that Instagram star Aleen Johnson has graduated with flying colors from the school of hard knocks. The internationally renowned tattoo model, whom the world knows better by the moniker ‘The Fit Pizza Girl,’ may have now reached a place in life where she has success, acceptance, and understanding, but it was a long and hard-won battle to get there and cannabis played an integral part. 

Mental Health Image credit Aleen Johnson

Mental Health Image credit Aleen Johnson

“Although it is now legal in so many places, there is still a certain amount of stigma attached to individuals who use the drug, even for medicinal purposes,” explained the 25-year-old United States Air Force veteran who promotes mental health awareness, body positivity, and empowerment through fitness and health.

Aleen added, “For me, cannabis was a god-send in helping me overcome my mental health issues and I’d advocate its use alongside exercise and therapy for a lot of people who are losing the battle against such conditions as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and ADHD.”

Aleen’s struggle with mental illness began at a very early age. As the victim of numerous sexual assaults and bullying, Alleen began self-harming and isolating as a teenager which culminated in a suicide attempt.

Aleen said, “I should have sought help but instead I let the depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem take me down a dark path.” Aleen’s path became a little lighter when she switched high-schools and focused on graduating so she could serve her country and travel the world.

Aleen joined the Air Force in 2013 and although she enjoyed the camaraderie and the experience, she found that no matter where she went, she couldn’t leave her mental baggage behind.

Aleen explained, “In the forces, everyone is hiding their mental health issues behind a facade. The darkness always catches up with you though.” Aleen’s caught up with her in 2017 when she attempted suicide for a second time. Aleen had hit rock bottom, but thankfully she survived. It was a turning point in her life.

“I decided then and there to finally confront my pain instead of forever running from it,” revealed Aleen. “The healing is a slow process but feeling anything is better than numbing yourself to everything.”

A major part of Aleen’s healing process was the use of cannabis. She regards the drug as nature’s miracle cure and remains a fierce advocate of its therapeutic properties.

Aleen said, “Cannabis has been a key factor in helping ease my anxiety and depression. It has an extremely calming influence on me and helps me get things into perspective. With cannabis, I can see the bigger picture and realize the insanity of forever focusing on my perceived shortcomings, other people’s prejudices, and traumatic experiences from the past. Cannabis has helped me move on from a lot of the anger and hurt that was stunting my growth, and that has proved to be a true blessing.”

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