By Jane Bliss Sorrell, A transformational coach & intuitive life-alignment mentor: www.

Jane Bliss Sorrell

Jane Bliss Sorrell

Anger can be caused by many different things and can be triggered by a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes it feels we have no control over how we feel but there is much we can do to change this. Anger and resentment only hurt the one that holds it – don’t you owe to yourself to be rid of it for good?

Take back your power.

Whether or not we get angry in response to a particular situation has to do with how we internally interpret it. For instance, we may feel angry if we feel our rights have been violated or something is unjust or unfair. A shift in mindset can help. No-one and nothing can make you feel any certain way. You may not agree with or like the circumstances but you can decide how you evaluate each situation. You get to assign the emotional tone. Change your appraisal of an event and you change how you feel.


Accept the present moment as it is. Let go of the need for things to be different. As you shift to a place of acceptance you will release resistant feelings knowing that holding on to these emotions do not change the actual situation. In fact, holding on may delay improved circumstances. Moving from a place of anger to a place of acceptance allows a new calming energy.


Forgiving is not forgetting. You can remember without anger. Forgiving someone who has wronged you is not easy. But forgiving is not about others, it’s for you. Each time you remember what ‘they’ have done and feel resentment or anger you invite the past into the present and you keep reliving the pain. Forgiveness takes back your energy, your power, your peace.

Shift your focus. 

Focusing on the problem only prolongs feelings of resentment or anger. Notice where you are placing your attention. Shift your focus towards something pleasing and this will create a state change and start to move you towards what you want instead.

Let go of the past. 

Holding on to anger and resentment only holds you hostage. Being angry at the past, your parents or upbringing, may mean it’s time to heal old wounds for good. Your anger today may feel justified but it’s preventing you from enjoying a peaceful ‘now’. Identify the root cause of anger and allow it to process. Once healed you are free to re-write your story and step into the better future that is waiting for you.

Release unprocessed anger. 

Use Emotional Freedom / Tapping Technique (EFT) to restore balance to your body’s disrupted energy system. Encourage emotional healing by gently tapping on the meridian point that helps to process anger (outer side of the eye on the socket). 

Process anger as it arises.

Allow anger to be released from the physical body. Use a breathing technique to visualise the anger being encapsulated in the body with each inhale and released from the body with the exhale. Or write it out until you feel calm and in control again.

Create new habits.

Let yourself walk free. Make a conscious choice today and release yourself from the imprisonment of anger and resentment. Create new habits of mind. Create an affirmation and keep as a reminder any time anger arises. “I am responsible for my own life. I have full control over how I feel and I am choosing to feel calm”. 

A transformational coach & intuitive life-alignment mentor, Jane is passionate about guiding others to reclaim their power and become the master of their own life. Healing the past and rapidly resolving blocks and fears, people frequently experience quantum breakthroughs during her transformative 1:1 sessions.