A poll of 2,000 UK adults commissioned for the launch of Twinings Cold In'fuse discovered that eight out of every 10 British people are self-admitted creatures of habit, with over 40% feeling caught in the trap of the same everyday routine. With that in mind, Rochelle Humes writes for Female First and gives us her top tips on getting out of that routine rut!

Rochelle Humes teams with Twinings Cold In'fuse

Rochelle Humes teams with Twinings Cold In'fuse

It is easy to get stuck in a routine rut – not only Monday to Friday – but I find this can even be the case at the weekends! With work, kids, friends all combined, everyday life can get samey. I think a lot of people would believe that I lead a glamourous lifestyle and don’t get me wrong, a part of what I do is that,  but on the whole not at all, my normal day to day is doing the school run like everyone else, then rushing to work - I definitely get stuck in a rut with my morning pattern.

That’s why I have partnered with Twinings Cold In’fuse to take on the challenge of the small everyday changes I’ve always wanted to make, from drinking more water to revamping my weekend workout. Here’s a few tips from me to inspire you to  change it up every day.

  1. Change up your fitness routine – doing the same thing at the gym every day can be demotivating. As part of my work with Twinings, they challenged me to take on a new exercise challenge with my personal trainer, Pmac, who said to me that when your body gets comfortable, change doesn’t happen so it’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I tried entering the boxing ring for the first time to change up my routine – it was tough as Pmac doesn’t take any prisoners! Instead of doing the same thing, why not try out a new class or exercise outside?
  2. Start with small changes. Changing elements of your routine can be daunting, but sometimes it is the small, easy changes that can make the biggest difference – like drinking more water. I know I need to drink more water to stay focused and hydrated but I find it difficult to always fit it in. I often put fruit in my water to change it up a bit but Twinings has just launched the first all-natural water infusion, Cold In’fuse, which can be enjoyed straight from a water bottle and makes drinking water a breeze. I love that it adds flavour but is totally natural and sugar free, which is great for my little ones too!
  3. Change up your weekend, making sure you are maximising those precious days off so they don’t become predictable. If you are bored of your weekend routine, make sure to plan something a bit different, like breakfast with an old friend you haven’t seen in a whole or carve out some me time to lose yourself in a good book.

Liz Ashdown, Brand Director at Twinings said, “We wanted to inspire the nation to make small savvy changes to their daily hydration routine that would make them feel great! Our new Cold Infusions range is an easy and enjoyable way to drink more water naturally; all you need to do is drop it in your water bottle, shake and enjoy -a habit change even us brits can adopt!"

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