We're all after that quick fix; the fastest way to burn calories, slim down and tone up for our holidays. This week we've been chatting to James Winfield, Master Trainer at Rebound UK.

Are you looking to shed some unwanted pounds?

Are you looking to shed some unwanted pounds?

Cast your mind back to school holidays, bouncing around with your friends on the garden trampoline. Within seconds you're smiling ear to ear. There's no denying the absolute feel good factor of bouncing up and down, throwing our bodies into all sorts of shapes, limbs flying around free.

Translate this feel good factor into a 'grown up', fun-filled, music pumping, low impact workout and you've got the most effective total body workout ever! Here's why…


Bouncing to a pumping beat, getting super sweaty for 45 minutes, yes please! A workout that is proven to burn 540 calories in 50 minutes*, rebounding is one of the best all-over body workouts around, and you're promised immediate results. Just 30 minutes per day could help you lose one stone in under 4 weeks.


Think dance moves, explosive squats, twists, lunges, sprints and you've got one high energy workout guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


This workout couldn't be more perfect for your front room. The most effective rebounding takes place on a small circular trampoline with large springs designed to give extra bounce and absorb impact. Fit it around your work hours in the comfort of your own home or even settle down for an evening of TV catch up, but ditch the sofa, you can bounce around for the duration of your fav programme!

We've choreographed DVDs for all abilities; they last 20 - 45 minutes and can be tailored to focus on cardio, strength and core, and sports specific routines.


You'll see changes to your body shape within weeks through regular rebounding workouts. Bouncing up and down, testing your muscles and joints on the unstable, soft surface will tone and tighten your entire body. At the bottom of the bounce your exercise body weight can be up to 3.24 times heavier than normal whilst at the top you are weightless. This constant change in gravitational pressure works every single cell in the body, including internal organs, muscles and skin.

Bouncing on an unstable surface provides a constant balance challenge leading to the involuntary contractions of the deep core muscles. These are responsible for giving you a flatter tummy. Find out your favourite bikini, you'll be racing to the beach in no time!


Pushing down into the mini trampoline and the constant jumping motion encourages efficient blood supply around the body, draining away toxins stored in our fat cells improving the immune system and preventing ill health.


Working your core muscles during each workout, you'll improve your posture and reduce any back pain you might experience from daily chores and sedentary office jobs.


Rebounding is a great addition to any training programme, whether you're a runner, triathlete or team sports player. Substituting the miles as a runner, you'll strengthen your joints through low impact exercise and work those all important glutes, quads and calves.


Maximus Pro Rebounders are a must-have piece of home fitness equipment. Prices start at £189.00 including a carry bag, stability bar, resistance bands, sand weights and a rebounding compilation DVD for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of training. Lightweight and portable, you can even take your rebounder to the park for some fresh air fitness!

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