With our Christmas celebrations in full swing, high heels are once again a commonplace reality in our wardrobes. This does mean, however, undesirable aches and pains in our feet are bound to appear – a sad reality for high heel lovers, or so we assume.

Put on your dancing shoes / Photo credit: Unsplash
Put on your dancing shoes / Photo credit: Unsplash

Thankfully, endless aches pains aren’t inevitable; by embracing a few simple tricks, you can quickly ease any discomfort felt after a night out in your favourite stilettos.

To help you tackle high heel foot ache this Christmas - Emjee Smit founder of luxury high heel brand ‘Kaya Capriole’ shares his tips to help you bask in your collection of beautiful party shoes without a foot hangover the next day.

Dampen your feet

This might sound a little odd, but if you run your feet under cold water and apply lotion whilst they’re still damp, this is thought to seal in the water’s moisture, keeping your feet lubricated and protected against any potential sores or blisters throughout the night. Think of this as part of your new ‘getting ready’ routine!

Use gel cushions

If you’re prone to sore feet after wearing your favourite high heels – and they just so happen to have thin soles – then it’ll come as no surprise that gel cushions could be your ideal solution. Essentially, gel cushions protect the balls of your feet, giving you extra comfort and support whilst you strut your stuff. They really are a godsend if your shoes aren’t sufficiently padded! The key to tackling high heel foot ache is being prepared and avoiding its grip from the outset. Gel cushions are a great starting point. 

Start some weekly stretches

In the name of being prepared, it’s time for you to start doing some regular stretches that’ll give your high heel-wearing feet a little helping hand. For example, a few times a week be sure to stretch your calf and achilles muscles through calf raises and ankle rolls. This might not sound like it’ll make a significant difference but when you start viewing them as necessary ‘high heel training’ exercises, you’ll see that these stretches are incredibly useful. If you strengthen your feet from the inside out, they’ll be much less prone to foot ache! You’re building resilience and there’s no question that’ll up your high heel game.

Treat yourself to a massage

Whilst perhaps a little more boujee, a massage can be exactly what the doctor ordered to tackle a high heel hangover (and prevent them altogether)! Regular massages help to reduce the calf tightness caused by high heels, leaving your legs feeling more prepared for round two. With Christmas being filled with so many joyous celebrations, that’s a must!

Opt for wedges

If you’re finding that, no matter what you do, certain high heels continue to give you nothing but grief, then it could be time to admit defeat and opt for some comfier alternatives. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style! Platforms and wedges for example are known to be comparatively comfier as they put less of a strain on your feet, whilst they can also make for glam, fashion-forward looks. For example, to add some edge to your outfit, consider pairing platforms with bold, patterned tights and wedges with figure-hugging mid-dresses. With no high heel aches to speak of, this will be a real win-win!

Practice, practice, practice

You might think there’s only one way to walk in high heels but that’s most definitely not the case… it really is an art you can master and the key is to practice, practice, practice! When you learn how to properly walk in high heels, you’ll have a ‘lightbulb moment’ like no other.

Firstly, practice on carpets – this way, if you fall over you won’t have so many bumps or bruises! Then, remember to place your heel down first and when your foot is fully on the ground, ensure your knee is out straight.

Finally, straighten your back, focus on a spot in the distance, find your balance, and you’ll make it look effortless. The result? Less aches and pains. Your feet can thank me later!’

Give your toes a soak

After a night out in high heels, it’s important that you invest time in sufficient foot aftercare. Give your feet a thorough soak in relaxing warm water to ease any muscle tension; you'll feel calmer, more serene, and your feet won’t be uncomfortable for much longer.

Prioritise quality

As it turns out, the shoes you’re wearing will be making a big difference. My top tip would be to always prioritise quality over quantity; invest in high heels made from fantastic, long-lasting materials that actually provide your feet with some support! They’ll prevent your feet from unnecessary aches and pains by comfortably holding them in the right position. For example, all of our shoes at Kaya Capriole are made from high-quality, sustainable leathers – they’re reliable and facilitate comfortable night-long wear.


For more information about Kaya Capriole, visit: www.kayacapriole.co.uk

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