You might be lucky enough to have today off- if not- you may want save your celebration until the weekend. Whenever you decide to mark the occasion- here are a few ideas for how you can fill in your time with very little.

Find a hammock and watch the world go by

Find a hammock and watch the world go by

Have a lie in- If you’re always up at the crack of dawn- allow yourself some extra time in bed. There is no greater feeling than when you can turn off your alarm completely and rise in your own time.

Read a book- You know that pile that’s been growing next to your bed? Pull up a chair, grab a throw, or fling back the covers on your bed and get stuck in.

Catch up on your favourite TV show- Chances are, you have something on the box you want to see, so fill a bowl full of popcorn, pour yourself your favourite drink and enjoy.

Book a spa day- If your budget permits- why not book in to your local spa for a few hours of treatments, swimming, saunas, Jacuzzis and some well needed peace and quiet?

Take a nap- No one will judge you on this day because today is a day for napping if that’s what you wish. Recharge those batteries with a quick forty winks.

Go for a walk- It doesn’t need to be at a fast pace, just pick a beautiful place and wander round at your own leisure. Let your mind wander and your imagination flow.

Try yoga- You could turn up at your local class and simply give it a go.  This gentle exercise is renowned for relaxing both the mind and the body so it could be your new way to unwind.

Meditate- Many people swear by this so you might find it beneficial too. Why not order a how to book and see what all the fuss is about?

Slow down your morning ritual- If you tend to do everything in a rush in the morning- why not take your time? There’s nowhere you need to be and nothing you have to do- so enjoy the flow of the water down your back in the shower, relish in that morning cup of tea or sit out in the sunshine after you’ve put the washing on the line.  

Set up a relaxation schedule- If you don’t get enough time to rejuvenate- write down a few ideas. Think of little things you can do every day to help you feel like you again. If one of the above suggestions has worked for you in the past- maybe this could be your go-to activity to give you more energy in the future.

Happy National Relaxation Day folks! 

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