Katherine Howells went from a size 10 to a size 18 while having her first child but she wanted to get back to her pre-prengnancy once weight again. Here she tells us how she pulled it off. 

Katherine Howells

Katherine Howells

Name: Katherine Howells

Start Weight: 13st 3lb (Size 18)

Current Weight: 10st (Size 10)

Weight Loss: 3st 3lbs

I was a size 10 before I got pregnant in March 2015, and I had quite a healthy diet. Somehow I managed to put 5 stone on while pregnant without really realising. Once my baby was born, I assumed most of it would just melt away but sadly it didn’t! So I ended up 18 months later still a size 18, and the least fit I had ever been. My son doesn’t sleep through the night – even now at nearly 2 – so I find I don’t have the energy for exercise like I used to. I used to run and do circuit training but can’t imagine it now. I tried just eating healthier but with no actual plan to stick to I found it too easy to just have a bag of crisps with that sandwich at lunch and why not that chocolate bar too. No portion control on evening meals, and a husband who likes puddings!

I actually wasn’t convinced SlimFast would work, but after seeing horrible pictures of myself on holiday from Easter this year I had to try something. I was so unhappy with myself, I hated any event that required dressing up and trying to look nice, I felt like I was letting my husband down (although he never said or did anything to make me feel that) and I didn’t want my son growing up with what I thought was a ‘fat’ mum.

I have my first shake mid-morning, I particularly love the caramel or chocolate shakes. I make sure I snack throughout the day and drinking lots of water. For the 600 calorie meal, I make sure I get maximum benefit by having low fat protein like chicken, or fish, and plenty of vegetables.

I’m amazed at how easy SlimFast has been to stick to, and for a good period of time. I thought at best it would be a kickstart, but actually I am finding it is a diet plan that you can carry on for as long as you need to. There have been weeks where I haven’t lost anything, but the online community in the Facebook group really help to keep you going. Everyone is so encouraging, but in a really healthy way. There’s so much freedom on this diet, it doesn’t feel like a diet at all.

I still want to lose another 11lbs, but I am already back in pre-pregnancy jeans. The best moment was recently putting on a new jumper my husband bought me after our son was born thinking it would fit – I couldn’t even get in over my arms back then – but now it looks amazing. I’m so happy I went out on a limb and tried SlimFast. Nearly every day I have friends and colleagues asking me how I’ve done it, and I’m telling them all to get on the shakes whether you want to shift a few lbs for a holiday, or you’re in it for the long-haul like me transforming your body. 

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