I started to put on weight when I lost my Dad back in 2004.  He had been ill for quite some time and it was a difficult time for us all. Every January I would say ‘this is going to be the year’ but it never happened.  Until the beginning of this year that is!  I don’t know what happened but my head was just ‘in the right place’. 

Charlotte (right) before

Charlotte (right) before

I started using the SlimFast Meal replacement shakes, Strawberry is my favourite flavour, I have a shake for breakfast and lunch then enjoy an evening meal as well as 3 x 100 calorie snacks.  I tried to keep the meals as healthy as possible but it’s difficult when you don’t eat veg or salad. But I soon found that I could still eat all the things that I loved such as pizza & pasta, but just cut down portion sizes and make healthier choices where I could.  As I followed the plan I started to try more things and my meals got even healthier.

I used to struggle to drink water but the routine of the plan and snacks has really helped and I definitely think that drinking the water has really helped me follow the plan and my weight loss

I haven’t really exercised at all whilst I have been on SlimFast.  I am quite an active person but don’t exercise as such, I find that the only motivation that I need is seeing the weight come off!

I used to refuse to buy clothes as I knew that I would need to buy big sizes and that nothing would look nice on, but I couldn’t seem to lose the weight and do anything about it either.  Now I have gone from a size 22 jean to a size 14 – I am so proud of myself!

I’m much more confident and outgoing, and I feel fitter, healthier and much happier.  My mum says that I am a totally different person now I have lost weight!  SlimFast has given me a new lease of life, my only regret…… not doing this much sooner!

Name: Charlotte Cowper

Location: Wellingborough

Age: 36

Start Weight: 17st 10lb (Size 22)

Current Weight: 12st 10lb (Size 14)

Weight Lost: 5 stone

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