Eating three healthy meals a day and your weight loss is not happening? Snacking throughout the day could be the answer, the worst thing is that you're not even aware you're doing it.

Are you making unhealthy snacking choices?

Are you making unhealthy snacking choices?

A new show on Channel 4 later this month takes a look at the people's eating habits and finds that they're eating much more than they actually think.

Secret Eaters has hidden cameras record every single bite eaten by the participants whilst at home and then while out two private detectives take photographs of them sneaking the bad stuff in.

Once they've been followed for five days, Anna Richardson the shows presenter, takes the participants into a room where all of the food they've eaten is on show.

The show's dietician Lynner Garton told the Mail Online:

"You can see the look of astonishment on their faces when they see the food they've actually consumed. They have no idea.

"Snacks can add up to more than 500 calories  a day but too often people get distracted by their busy lives and forget the  chocolate bar or biscuit they ate earlier and it soon mounts up. Cutting out  those calories can lead to a 1lb loss per week."

Keeping a food diary is the best way to keep track of what you're eating, but you have to be honest in it and write down everything, even the bad stuff.

Staying on track of the snacks you're eating could result in the weight loss that you want and deserve.


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