If you’ve not yet bought something in the Black Friday sales but have something in your shopping basket or are contemplating getting something when you finish work, ask yourself these seven questions inspired by Greenpeace’s no shopping list. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Can I make it?- Rather than buying something edible, can you make it (or something similar) at home with things you have in your cupboards? Why not try your hand at making that piece of clothing you have been eyeing up for a while? You are certain to cherish it more and take better care of it if you do. Don’t buy new Christmas decorations, hunt around your home for things you could make with your family out of card, paper, glitter, paints and stickers.  

Can I repair it?- If your gut tells you to buy new, stop and think for a moment- can you repair the very thing you are wanting to replace? Does that piece of clothing need a few stitches to join up the holes? Can you sand down that table-top and re-varnish it? Or would some strong glue fix that ornament that’s recently broken? Rather than replacing everything that breaks, tears, rips or falls apart- is there anything that can be done to salvage it with some time and effort?

Can I repurpose it?- Look at the things in your wishlist- can you use something you already have to fit the bill? Rather than buy a new Christmas bedding set or cushion, could you sew together scraps of festive material in the form of old tea towels, christmas jumpers and throws to make your own bespoke duvet cover or pillow case? Could you paint up that old plant pot with festive designs and fill it with a plant from your garden to make into the centrepiece for your turkey dinner?

Can I borrow it?- Before you hit the buy button, ask around. Someone you know is bound to own what you need. Maternity clothes? Ask your friends who have just had babies. A dish to practice your Christmas day offerings in? Your mother, auntie or grandma is bound to have something that will suffice. A tool for doing some home DIY? Ask your handy friends and family members who will be glad to help rather than seeing you out of pocket.  

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Can I swap it?- If you’re looking for a new Christmas outfit- ask a friend or family member who is the same size as you if you can wear their outfit from last year or something else suitable in their wardrobe. Offer them the same in return, then all you have to do is launder it before you return it and no one will ever know it wasn’t yours!

Can I get it second hand for free?- Check out Facebook Marketplace or Freecycle for the items you are looking for. You never know someone might want to cleanse their space of the same thing you are on the hunt for. If they are advertising it for free, drop them a message and grab yourself a bargain before someone else does!  

Can I do without?- Do you really need the things in your list? Probably not. Think about the last thing you bought and how long the joy lasted after parting with your money. Not long I would guess. So do without and rather than spending time scrolling endlessly through pages of things you don’t really need, lift your head up and pay attention to the people around you. 

Don’t let Black Friday leave a black cloud over your finances or your relationships with others- it’s simply not worth it.

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