Interiors expert Katie Glenn gives you her top tips for keeping your home in order.

Julian Charles, Helston Blue bedding from RRP 35.00

Julian Charles, Helston Blue bedding from RRP 35.00

Plump your pillows!

This might seem obvious but it’s amazing how much giving cushions a quick plump can transform a room. It will give tired, slouchy looking furnishings a news lease of life and instantly smarten up any room.

Always make your bed

Start your day off in the right frame of mind by taking the time to make your bed. A neatly made and dressed bed is so much more inviting than a flung aside duvet cover and loose sheets. It will instantly tidy up your bedroom and make it so much more inviting come bedtime

Hang up towels and discarded clothes

When you’re in a rush it’s easy to chuck damp towels on the floor, but this will not only mean you coming home to unnecessary mess it will also leave you having to do a lot more washing. Take the time to hang them up so they can dry properly and will stay fresher for longer. This is a simple job that will keep your home looking clean and save you lots of time in the long run.

Invest in throws!

Sometimes all the cleaning and tidying in the world can be let down by an old, tired piece of furniture. Rather than breaking the bank investing in a new sofa brighten up your existing one with on-trend throws, they’ll instantly lift the look of a room and give your sofa a new lease of life

Be smart with storage

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the clutter at home, so investing in smart storage solutions is a simple and effective way of keeping your home in order. Buy boxes for under your bed or on top of cupboards, for the things your want to hide away and invest in trinket boxes and pretty baskets for the things you don’t mind having on show.

Katie Glenn is an interiors expert from Julian Charles 

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