Kim Kardashian, undisputed Queen of the Kardashian clan, recently tweeted that she believes “hair masks are key”. I couldn’t agree more, they are the unsung hero product for your hair. A good hair mask will leave your hair looking healthier & in better condition. Here are ten reasons why a hair mask should be a permanent addition to your bathroom cabinet.



Shine. A dull head of hair can affect your whole appearance & even your demeanour. Lifeless locks can leave us looking and feeling plain, drab and lacklustre. A hair mask can revive dull looking hair leaving it radiant, shiny and transform your whole look.

Hydration. Our increasing use of thermal styling product; hairdryers, curlers, straighteners; mean our hair suffers. Dried out, thirsty hair if left untreated can look limp and lifeless. Hair masks are designed to add intense moisture and rejuvenate your mane with an powerful moisture treatment.

Repair. As mentioned above, our hair suffers extreme damage in particular from heated appliances. In addition to this a number of us colour our hair which again can affect the quality and believe it or not the weather also affects our luscious our locks look. Using a hair mask on a regular basis will restore your hair back to a better condition whilst also retaining your hair colour and preventing a potential faded look.

Volume. Volumising your hair can make a huge difference to its overall appearance. Gone will be lank, flat hair and in place bounce and volume to add life to your locks.

Texture. As we grow older our hair loses elasticity and ‘bounce’ leaving it looking old and limp. Using a hair mask at least once a week you will benefit from its restorative properties and you will improve the texture of each strand leading to a marked difference overall.

Protection. As well as repairing damaged hair, a good hair mask will provide protection from further damage.

Conditioning. Hair masks are a deep conditioning treatment. Once a week, giving your hair this luxury will boost the softness and smoothness of the hair leaving it feeling and looking radiant and glowing.

Strength. A good hair mask containing lots of protein will strengthen the hair strands leading to less split ends and a fuller look for the hair, indirectly adding volume. String hair is healthy hair.

Time. In a matter of minutes all these fantastic benefits to adding a hair mask to your beautifying routine will boost your hair to optimum health. 

Cost. As a multi-functioning product, a hair mask will save you pennies on a number of other hair products which treat individual concerns for your hair. An indulgent hair mask will tackle all hair issues using their carefully created blend of ingredients.

Louise Marshall, Co-Founder of your one-stop organic shop, Live in the Light

I recommend the NEW vegan-friendly, Fat & The MoonMermaid Mask (£15.95 | 2oz | It ticks all the boxes. It softens your mane whilst adding body. It uses it's natural ingredients including Irish moss, honey rhassoul clay and aloe vera to hydrate whilst reviving dull looking hair, giving it some uuumphh that the Kardashian clan would be proud of.

If these benefits weren't enough, the Fat & The Moon Mermaid Mask is a multi-functioning mask. Not solely for use on your hair, it works wonders on your face and body too. Bask your body in nutrients brought to you by animal, vegetable and mineral. For the face, this champion of a mask tones and moisturizers at the same time. Honey lends an anti bacterial hand, so it’s a perfect mask for pimples and dry skin combos.

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