Whether you’re going through a break-up, you’re about to start a new job or you just fancied a bit of TLC, when you leave the hairdressers you should feel invincible and beyond confident.

What should I do if the hairdresser cuts my hair too short?

What should I do if the hairdresser cuts my hair too short?

However, that doesn’t always happen. It could be that you tried a new hairdresser or perhaps they just got a bit scissor happy, but what can you do when they totally screw up your new look?

If they’ve cut too much off, dyed your hair too dark or messed up your fringe, then this go-to guide could be your saviour.

What do I do when the hairdresser has dyed my hair too dark?

Whilst ‘at-home’ dyes might be cheaper, they’re definitely not the most effective, so opt for one of these handy tips instead:

Tell The Hairdresser

Richard Ward, Owner of Richard Ward Hair reveals that “you should always tell your stylist if you’re not happy with your colour! Don’t feel awkward – they would MUCH rather you tell them so they can fix it (and they are always happy to). They don’t want you to walk around unhappy and never go back”.

Try Colour Correcting Products

Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique (£30.20, BLOW Ltd), a colour-correcting hair dye formula which protects, prolongs and enhances your colour by neutralising unwanted tones.

Clip In Hair Extensions

UK Educator for Zen Hair, Simon Stainton has offered an even quicker solution: “Clip in hair extensions are great for adding light and tone for hair colour mishaps! You prevent having to recolour your hair and save on causing unnecessary chemical damage”.

What do I do when the hairdresser has cut my hair too short?

Whatever you do, your hair is definitely not going to return to your old length overnight, however, these will help in the short-term:

Lengthening Hair Extensions

The obvious solution is extensions and to your delight, many don’t look as cheap as you might think.

Vixen and Blush’s Completely Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions (prices start at £275) last for years and are ideal if you’re craving the thicker and longer locks that your hairdresser deprived you of. You can even take them into one of their salons where a member of the team will show you how to fit them properly.

Grin And Bare It

You may not like your shorter hairstyle but if you’ve decided to put up with it, then have some fun with it.

“There is one great thing that comes with shorter hair and that is volume! Try blow drying your hair or if you're not handy with a brush, blow dry your roots with your head upside down and enjoy that extra va va voom”, Anna, Elite Stylist at BLOW Ltd encourages.

Change Your Hairband

Elastic hair bands can cause damage to the hair structure, preventing growth, due to the pressure it places around the circumference of the hair, so opt for something like an Invisibobble (£3.74, lookfantastic.com). The pressure is distributed evenly throughout the hair due to the spiral shape, ensuring you don't get any tugging or snapping on the hair.

Hair Growth Supplements

Supplements such as Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements (RRP £49.95, Boots) are scientifically formulated with the all the important nutrients needed for hair growth as well as AminoMar CTM, a marine-based complex which promotes hair growth.

Use A Decent Hairdryer

Neil Moodie, Session Stylist and Viviscal Ambassador recommends using a good hair dryer as “when your hair is wet the ions are attracted to the water molecules and break them down to much smaller molecules which allow them to actually enter the hair shaft, moisturising the hair more from the inside. This helps towards having healthier looking hair”.

Update Your Diet

Your diet could also be the key to unlocking your luscious locks again. Juliette Kellow, a Viviscal Nutritionist, reveals that “a well-rounded, balanced diet with the right mix of protein, iron and other nutrients is vital for hair”.

What do I do when the hairdresser has messed up my fringe?

You’re about to go out with your friends, or worse yet, on a first date and your fringe is still isn’t playing ball - what do you do?

Have It Styled

The Braid Bar (Selfridges, prices start at £15) offers a whole array of braiding and some only take as little as 15 minutes. Try the Kendall style to get your unwanted fringe away from your face.

Style It Yourself

If you have no idea where to start, Shane O’Sullivan, CEO of Easilocks, suggests giving YouTube a try. It’s “a great way to discover tips and tricks for styling your hair at any length and this should help to make you feel at ease”, he reveals.

Good luck!

Written by Katie Meadway 

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