Salma showcases her natural beauty

Salma showcases her natural beauty

Salma Hayek’s beauty is not hard to miss, she never looks anything short of flawless and has managed to get the big-screen beauty thing down to a tee.

Her picture perfect face is always clear and luminous and now she’s finally revealed how she achieves skin perfection.

Her secret tip is to never wash your face in the morning.

The 46-year-old, who looks years younger, spoke to Kate Garraway on ITV 1’s Lorraine, she revealed: “OK, one tip – always was you face at night. Clean it.

“You don’t have to wash it, but you have to clean it really, really well at night.”

The Savages star continued: “One strange tip – don’t wash it in the morning, at all, never. Because at night your skin is rebuilding some of the oils that you need to keep your skin young, and it balances the PH.

“So in the morning if you take them off – you can splash it with water, do something mild – but you don’t want to get rid of that. And if your skin is dirty in the morning, it means you didn’t clean well at night.”

Salma also weighs out the pros and cons of her appearance: “I’m not very trim, but I don’t as many wrinkles as I probably should.”

Well, in all honesty Salma we think you look amazing. 

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