Cheryl Fernandez Versini opts for the super sleek look

Cheryl Fernandez Versini opts for the super sleek look

Loose waves and messy up do’s have dominated the red carpet for as long as can be remembered, but there’s a new trend emerging for Autumn/Winter 14 and it focusing on a straight, fresh and youthful look to the hair.

This hair trend is seductively sleek and is perfect for the winter months.

Worn either with a centre parting a la Cheryl Fernandez Versini on last weekend’s Halloween special of the X Factor or brushed back a la Rita Ora, the key to this oh-so-sophisticated look is the condition, precision colour, during the winter months it can tricky to tame the frizz and those fly away hairs.

Rita Ora updates the sleek look with no parting

Celebrity hairdresser Paul Edmonds whose clients include Catherine Zeta Jones, Margot Robbie, Sam Smith, Mary Charteris and Michelle Dockery provides his top tips for mastering this look at home: 

“Creating this look well is very easy, but it requires great quality hair products, a trim and great colour work. The  Ombre/Balayage trend is still prevalent, but this "straight hair" look will show the flaws in balayage technique that has been applied poorly there can be no lines, no inconsistent colour shades, no block or uneven colour, just a beautiful segway between hair colour shades that is even and where the hair quality is not compromised.  So first point if you want to have that Shatush/Balayage finish then invest in a good colourist who knows what they are doing.”

“Hair parting is great with this look as you can opt for a centre parting or a side parting. If you have a round or oval face shape, a centre parting will look great on you! If you have a longer face, a side parting will create a softer look for you. If you choose to go for a centre parting my top tip for getting this perfect is to use your nose as a guideline as to where to part your hair.”

Jennifer Lopez lets her sleek locks make a statement

“Condition is vital for this look,  for those balayage lovers who have over processed their ends great maintenance will make all the difference, there is only one way to go and that is invest in a trim, this will ensure the cuticle ends are fresh and not brittle.  If you have hair that's "frizz-tastic" and reacts when going from warm central heating winter homes to the cold outside, then invest in a keratin blow out.  There are some great keratin treatments available in salon that will ensure your colour and trim is maximised and showed to its best without frizz. Products like Kerastase Discipline are a must, I thoroughly recommend this product.”

“While your hair is still wet, make sure you lock shine and moisture into the cuticles with Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil then dry hair thoroughly. If your hair is slightly damaged always use a heat protecting cream with moisture, the Colour Lustre Thermo Milk from SHu Uemura is "Jesus" in a serum , it protects the hair, giving it the best shiny finish, pops the colour and is heat protection at its best.” 

“When drying, use a big round brush or flat brush and a nozzle to ensure a smooth finish, closing the cuticles as the hair dries. Blow dry hair in a downward motion; make it easier by drying hair in sections. When finishing you can use your hair oil serum again lightly, remember this isn't necessarily a hard straightened look; it’s about sexy, youthful, gloss, away from that big bouncy hair blow out. Catherine Zeta Jones visited my salon recently and I created this look on her, she left the salon looking fabulous.” 

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