What kind of hairstyle will you try this autumn?

What kind of hairstyle will you try this autumn?

A/W is upon us, what are the standout hair and beauty trends to expect? 

I have two styles in mind with the a/w seasons  upon us. I have watched hair slowly expand in volume over time, from the loose tousled look to the larger bouncy curls. So now comes the '70's Chic' look from the Donna Summer era. I am loving these dishevelled soft curly looks, full of body, showing up on the runway and hair shows. You need long hair to play with this style, but  modern technology will allow you to add a few lines of extensions to lengthen your hair. I know this look is going to be huge when it takes off.  If big is still too much for you or you're not ready to purchase a set of heated rollers, then get your hair serum and hair shine OUT! make your hair super slick, super shiny and bone straight, slick it back behind your ears. Fix the top and front with fixing spray. This is a stronger look, but will give you the sophisticated edge over your friends on an evening out.

Any tips on how to achieve these looks?

Work into your hair volumising mousse and blow dry, paying attention to the roots to give your hair a lift.  

Now it's  time to work with your smallest curling tongs by starting from your natural parting, spritz the length of the hair with heat protector and tong your hair in small sections, you can repeat this throughout your whole head.  Next break up the curls with your fingers and  brush the whole head teasing as much volume and body into the ends as possible and smooth some shine serum through, keep the tips fluffy and light for a modern  romantic finish.

Kevin Fortune and Kim Cattrall

For your sleek look spirtz the roots with root lift spray and work in a smoothing balm or straightening mousse into the rest of your hair. Dry your hair giving it as much root lift as you can. Pull the straighteners through the hair taking care to miss the roots. With a small amount of wax, using your fingers, comb your hair back working mainly at the front and top of your head. Then hold the front and top in place with a sheen holding spray. This is a strong look for a woman who wants the room to know she has arrived.

Alexa Chung, one your clients, favours the grunge hairstyle we’ve seen everywhere. What are your tips for achieving this?

George Northwood is the main man who dictates how Alexa's hair is cut and styled, I get to follow his lead.

Working with Alexa is a dream as she has very easy hair to manage. I try not to over load the hair with products so I would use Loreal Tec-n-Art Heat Protector as I want her  curls to drop,  shake her hair out and use the minimum amount of hair spray, depending on whether we are working in, or outside. This gives her hair its very natural finish. It's simple and very easy to do

Kevin Fortune

Ombre hair is still a big trend, what are your tips for this look

My tip is to play with the looks of the moment by grabbing a really strong bright colour and dying the ends of your hair whatever you have the guts to go for. If your tips have already been lighters, the the colour will show up all the better.

What beauty tips do you have for us as we move into the colder months?

I think it's time to start looking after your hair by hydrating and moisturising your hair with a good deep treatment. I love using Philip Kingsley's elasticizer  treatment. It's a pre-shampoo treatment that has been around for years, so if you hair tangles, tips  feels dry and fuzzy, or has been bleached to within an inch of its life, then this is product is the one for you.

We’re always pushed for time, so what are three easy hair looks that we can create in minutes?

You can never beat a good dry shampoo for a quick refresh - try Fudge Dry Shampoo as it has the best aroma.

If your hair lacks lustre and sheen, invest in a good argan oil and apply to the tips upwards, be mindful not to over load your hair, or your may end up reverting back to a can of dry shampoo.

Learn how to do a cane-row plait and, just before you go to bed at night, plait your hair around the top of your head like a crown. 

In the morning, take your hair out, take a small amount of moulding wax, try Oribe fiber groom Elastic Texture paste as it has a soft hold, and break up your beautiful waves and work in some volume and body. Now you have two options, leave your hair down, or with your fingers pull back into a high pony tail. This will take five minutes at night and 3 mins in the morning to style it out. Quick simple and  looks amazing!

What other styling tips do you have to share?

If you are a hair-stylist looking for some styling inspiration then come and join me at my new Hair Styling Academy in central London.

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