Amy Winehouse is on a one-woman mission to make chav chic cool by sporting a new tracksuit.

After dying her hair bleach blonde last week the troubled singer has now been seen sporting a new 'tracky' and Hilda Ogden style headscarve.

Lagerfeld muse Amy is supposed to be a style icon but we think this latest fashion disaster may have seriously dented her credibility.

Last year Kate Moss also donned a tracksuit- luckily it was just for a role in Little Britain- but does that mean the council estate uniform could be making a come back?

Tracksuits and shell suits were hugely popular in the late 80s and early 90s and most of us have probably owned one at some point - although we will never admit it- but these days they are safely confined to the wardrobe of the chav.

Amy accessorised her mis-matched jogging pants and zip up top with some chunky gold earrings and her signature thick eye make-up...let's hope that the chav chic look doesn't catch. What next- Vicky Pollard in Vogue?