Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

When Angelina Jolie stepped out onto the red carpet on Sunday night, she was polished, sophisticated and well styled, even if her dress choice was a little on the safe side. 

That said, it's a far cry from her gothic wild child days, when she went all out to shock the Hollywood crowd. Since settling down with Brad Pitt, she is arguably more stable and with her growing brood of children, it's undeniable that Ange's number one priority these days is being a mother.

However, it wasn't always that way as Angelina was once known as being something of a hellrasier, getting married when she was 21, divorcing three years later and then remarrying a year later.

She quickly became known for her weird rituals, which involved using human blood in a number of ways. For her first wedding to Johnny Lee Miller, Ange wore leather pants and a white shirt with his name on it, painted in blood.

Her second Marriage to Billy Bob Thornton was just as passionate, as the couple most famously wore one another's blood in vials around their necks when out in public.

Angelina's general style during this period was rebellious and gothic, as though she was challenging the perceived norms of Hollywood beauty and sticking two fingers up at it.

Up until that point, Hollywood had been ruled by golden girls with Californian tans, long blonde hair and big boobs, but Angelina's arrival on the scene undoubtedly caused an upset.

Winning her first Oscar at 24, Ange turned up at the ceremony looking more like Morticia Adams than a stylish actress. Deathly pale and with obviously blackened hair, Angelina looked ghostly as she posed on the red carpet.

A year later when she won international fame for her role as Lara Croft, Ange donned her favourite leather trousers and a black crop top for the premiere, showing off her washboard stomach and tattoos for the world to see.

Angelina then experimenting with the blonde bottle a year later, dying her locks a dirty blonde colour for an experiment. Supposedly Ange is a natural blonde, but we can't imagine anyone who looks worse as a blonde than her.

To say it washed her out would be an understatement, as the pictures which emerged of the star showed her looking more like a prison convict rather than a glamorous young actress.

Then in 2004, everything changed as that was when she met Brad, and the two starred in the now infamous Mr & Mrs Smith. All of a sudden Angelina's red carpet style became polished and refined, elegant almost and we have a hunch it was all down to America's golden boy.

Her leather dress at the premiere of the film was undoubtedly a compramise of the two sides of Angelina, as here she was developing a more sophisticated style, but she didn't want to let go of her rebellious roots.

The result was a stunning gown, which made men go weak at the knees and woman hate her all the more, in an enviable way rather than nasty way though of course.

By the time she was expecting her first biological child with Brad, Angelina had reinvented herself as an earth mother, whose charity contributions and endless campaigning for Third World countries took precedent rather than her acting.

Today, Angelina is much more relaxed with her fashion, stripping her hair back to a more natural brown and keeping her make-up light and simple on the red carpet. Our only criticism is her obvious hatred of any colour other than black. Come on Ange, try something different!

FemaleFirst- Laura Terry

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