Jungkook prefers to wear "comfortable" clothes.

Jungkook likes to wear comfortable clothes

Jungkook likes to wear comfortable clothes

The 26-year-old K-pop star - who is best known as a member of BTS - is known for sporting a host of different styles up on stage with his bandmates but admitted that in day-to-day life he tends to go for things that are "easy to wear" and often oversized.

He told Vogue Japan: "I really like this Calvin Klein set-up (tinted stone denim set-up from the Calvin Klein Jeans 2024 Spring collection). I really like double denim. Apart from Calvin Klein, I mostly gravitate towards things that are comfortable and easy to wear. I like [my clothes] to be a bit oversized and I like shoes that are a bit big. And I like to wear knitted hats!"

The 'Butter' hitmaker went on to add that while he is on the road with the Grammy Award-winning group, he has been trying to stick to an intense exercise routine that sees him attempt to burn 300 calories in half an hour.

He said: "Lately I’ve been doing fewer weightlifting exercises and more cardio, for about 30 minutes [each time]. I try to burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes. Besides that, my morning and evening routine is to look at my mobile phone as soon as I get up in the morning, and then the same again in the evening!"

Jungkook has temporarily stepped away from BTS to release his debut solo album 'Golden' and explained that its title track comes from a dream his mother had when she was pregnant with him.

He said: "As well as the title of the album, ‘Golden’ also references a dream my mother had when she was pregnant with me.

"And I think this is the most glorious time of my life, and I'm shining the brightest at the moment. I also think that it’s about talent, and the talent that I inherited from my parents."