Charlotte Tilbury has admitted that mascara "changed her life" aged 13.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

The British make-up artist - who launched her eponymous cosmetics brand in 2013 - says she realised she could be "beautiful" for the first time when she entered her teens and discovered the liquid cosmetic, which made people around her look at her differently.

She said: "I returned to boarding school after discovering mascara, and everyone--from age seven to seventy--was like, 'Oh my God, you weren't that attractive before, but now you're really attractive.' I thought, You know what, I'm going to run with this because I've become more popular, and I'm having a better time. If it takes a tube of mascara, then that's what it takes! Makeup changed my life."

The entrepreneur admitted that one look does not fit all and she believes that "social archetypes," such as a cat flick or bronzed cheeks, suit certain face types.

She said: "If I was working with Gisele, it's always that beach-y gorgeous look. Or Kate, a feline flick, rock-chick eye, beige lip. Then you'd work with Penelope Cruz or Kim Kardashian and do a bronze, smoky eye, contoured skin. These social archetypes really exist. They update themselves a bit, but they don't ever go out of fashion."

Charlotte launched her brand - which sees certain lines named after celebrities - to educate and empower women on such techniques and how to use makeup properly.

She said: "Fifty percent of women in England did not engage with makeup. It's less in America."

"(I thought) I'm going to give away all my secret tips and tricks, which as a makeup artist is the reason you get booked. You hold all that secrecy. And I'm going to empower women to become their own makeup artist."