Dame Joan Collins refused to have a face lift because it was too expensive.

Dame Joan Collins refused to have a face lift

Dame Joan Collins refused to have a face lift

The 88-year-old actress insisted she doesn’t believe in “tweakments” and just relies on a good skincare routine to keep herself looking younger than her years, but the one time she made enquiries about cosmetic surgery, she was put off by the price.

She said: “I don’t believe in tweakments.

“I’ve never had them done and I’m not going to because I’ve seen some disasters.

“I once went to speak to somebody during my ‘Dynasty’ days and when they told me how much it would cost, I told them, ‘No thank you, I’ll continue with my face cream.’ “

The ‘Dynasty’ legend insisted her beauty routine is “pretty simple” but moisturising is the key.

She told Woman's Weekly magazine: “My beauty routine is pretty simple – I’ve always taken care of my skin. I never go to bed without removing my make-up and applying night cream.

“Plus I never stop moisturising during the day if I’m not wearing make-up and I use ice on my eyes before I go out to an event.”

Meanwhile, Joan admitted her husband, Percy Gibson, does most of the cooking in their house these days because he’s a “take-charge kind of man”.

She said: “Percy likes to cook, as he’s a very take-charge kind of man.

“He didn’t cook so much when we first met but I started to show him a few of my signature dishes like my special spaghetti Bolognese. He’d offer to cut the meat and veg – because he’s bossy, so I said, ‘You know what, I’m off to watch the telly.’ I raised three children so of course I can cook.”

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