Dame Joan Collins swears by "a good base" for defying ageing.

Joan Collins

Joan Collins

The 88-year-old screen legend has insisted she doesn't rely on Botox to maintain her looks.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I’m very fit and healthy now – knock on wood – and I try to look after myself.

"A good base can really help disguise any tell-tale signs of ageing. It’s about base, not Botox!"

The 'Dynasty' legend never goes without a "great lipstick" and foundation.

She continued: "I always wear foundation as I believe it helps act as another barrier between skin and harmful elements that can aggravate skin.

"I also wouldn't dream of going without a great lipstick in a flattering colour."

Joan is known for her glamorous image and she never felt more beautiful than when she was starring in the soap opera 'Dynasty' as Alexis Colby.

Asked when she felt she looked her best, she previously said: "The 80s when I was doing 'Dynasty', I came into my own in terms of my looks. I was on 600 magazine covers, so I was quite pleased with myself."

But the 'Time of Their Lives' star admitted she spent years feeling insecure about her appearance because of the harsh comments of Hollywood producers.

Discussing advice for her younger self, she said: "I wouldn't be as insecure about my looks as I was then. Studios make you feel very insecure.

"You're too fat or too short or your hair was too straggly and thin. You really get put through the grinder.

"Eventually I started looking in the mirror and thinking, I'm not so bad after all."

Joan has to travel a lot for her work and has perfected stepping off a plane looking glamorous and fresh.

She said: "I always change into something comfortable - they have great sweatpants made of cashmere at Marks and Spencer and a zip-up top.

"I take off my make-up and I do drink a lot of water but I also drink quite a bit of wine.

"I try to sleep and at the end I put on my clothes, make-up, sunglasses and a hat and then stagger out."

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