Gwyneth Paltrow relies on homegrown lemons to keep her healthy during cold and flu season

Gwyneth Paltrow lives on luscious lemons during flu season

Gwyneth Paltrow lives on luscious lemons during flu season

The 50-year-old actress and lifestyle guru - who launched wellness brand Goop back in 2008 - grows her own lemons at her home in California and she relies on her personal supply of the fresh citrus fruit to keep her Vitamin C levels up and her natural immunity levels boosted when the viruses are running rampant.

When asked what the best way to get her daily boost of Vitamin C was, she told “Probably fresh lemons. We have a lemon tree here in California, and especially during winter months, they're so plentiful. It's great because it's obviously always cold and flu season when the lemons are in bloom, so, it's nature's way of helping us keep our immunity up. And, I have our GoopGlow every day for skin, and that has a ton of Vitamin C in it.”

Gwyneth - who relies on a macrobiotic diet to keep her skin looking youthful - is aware that she is entering the later part of middle age and has shared her top tips for dealing with the aging process.

The 'Iron Man' actress - who is married to Brad Falchuk - said: "For aging, I would say: acceptance, grace, and also strategy.

"So, your strategy of aging - you know, slow it down, but also not do anything too crazy. In terms of my skincare routine, I'd say: exfoliating, hydrating, plumping. And for what's next at Goop: growth, excitement, and scale."