Kyle Richards has insisted that she has not taken drugs to lose weight.

Kyle Richards slams the idea that she has used drugs to lose weight

Kyle Richards slams the idea that she has used drugs to lose weight

The 54-year-old reality star was accused of taking Ozempic - a medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes - after sharing a workout video on Instagram but was quick to fire back at the comments as she insisted she has "never" used any sort of pill for weight loss.

She wrote: "I am NOT on ozempic. Never have been. I am NOT taking Ozempic. Never have"(sic)

Following this, one fan speculated that 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star had been overindulging in plastic surgery, but Kyle once again shut the comments down as she explained that the only recent form of cosmetic surgery she has had in recent months was in the form of a breast reduction and insisted she is always "honest" with her fans about what she chooses to do.

The follower wrote: "I think it's many visits to the plastic surgeon"

Kyle replied: "I have never tried Ozempic and this is not from plastic surgery. I did have a breast reduction in May. I'm honest about what I do. But if giving plastic surgery the credit makes you feel better then pop off sister," with a kissing-face emoji."

Last year, the former soap actress - who is the sister of fellow 'RHOBH' star Kathy Hilton and aunt to heiress Paris Hilton - also explained that despite starring on the hit Bravo reality show, she has "never" had a personal stylist.

She said: "I'm sure people are like, 'Yeah you can tell!' but no, never had one. I don't travel with a glam squad either. When I'm working, I like to be well put together, I like colour. I go with my mood. Some days I want to be conservative, some days more edgy."