Helen Mirren is Lorraine Kelly's style icon.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

The 56-year-old television host has revealed she loves the 'Eye In The Sky' star's fashion sense and how comfortable she is in her own skin.

When asked who she looks up to fashion-wise, she said: "Helen Mirren. She makes her own clothes. She's 70 and looks so beautiful. She always gets it right but never looks frumpy. She's not afraid to wear a fake tattoo or a leather jacket. She's so comfortable in her own skin. My mum and daughter have great style, too."

And Lorraine, who fronts the ITV daytime show of the same name, has urged women to embrace their body but admits everyone has been through the stage where they "beat themselves up too much" about their figure.

She said: "Sometimes we beat ourselves up too much. You've got to be the best that you can. You are the size you're supposed to be. Cut yourself some slack. Even supermodels don't look like their cover photos ...

"You have to show off your boobs or your legs. Never both, unless you're a supermodel. But even then you have to be careful ...

"I was heading towards a size 16 before I had a word with myself and joined a Zumba class. I look forward to my classes. Twice a week I become Beyoncé with my fellow dancers."

Meanwhile, when it comes to her own style, Lorraine opts for "unfussy clothes".

She told TV Life magazine: "I like clean lines and unfussy clothes. There's nothing nicer than a crisp white shirt and black cigarette trousers with flatties or heels. I only own one pair of earrings. My husband bought them for my 40th birthday.

"My wedding ring only cost about £100 but it has so much sentimental value. I'm a wee bit of a nightmare to buy presents for. I don't like 'stuff.'"