Naomi Campbell is worried that the fashion world is "sliding back " in terms of diversity.

Naomi Campbell is worried about diversity in the fashion world

Naomi Campbell is worried about diversity in the fashion world

The 53-year-old model has been on the catwalk since she was a teenager but is now concerned as she prepares to launch major exhibition on her career at the V+A Museum in London that her work is "not done" and sh needs to use her platform to change things.

She told The Times: "Will [diversity] remain? That is a question I don’t really want to think about but that is what I’m thinking about because as I am again looking at the collections, I’m starting to get nervous that we are sliding back, Why do I stay doing what I do? Because my work is not done. I feel that I have to use my voice and platform to keep at them."

'Naomi: In Fashion' will open in June and will feature more than 100 items of clothing and accessories from her career, noting it will, comprise "a lot of personal items that [she] has "never shown to anyone".

Meanwhile, the supermodel has a two-year-old daughter and an eight-month-old son - whose names she has never revealed publicly - and she explained that she had originally intended to keep all of her memorabilia for her children but now, with the exhibition, everything is "more organised" for them.

She said: "I guess I was going to save it for my kids, so now it will be more organised for them. It was a mess before, with boxes and crates all over the place.

Curator Sonnett Stanfill said: "Naomi Campbell’s extraordinary career intersects with the best of high fashion. She is recognised worldwide as a supermodel, activist, philanthropist and creative collaborator, making her one of the most prolific and influential figures in contemporary culture."

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