Suki Waterhouse feels most beautiful with nothing on.

Suki Waterhouse says she's most beautiful when she's naked

Suki Waterhouse says she's most beautiful when she's naked

The actress, singer and model, 31 – who rose to fame at 16 as the face of Burberry – is known for her signature sixties mod girl style, thanks to her long mullet, boot cut jeans, animal prints and faux fur coats.

But despite walking the runway for luxury fashion designers in various haute couture, Suki admits she feels most comfortable "just with nothing on, being in your own skin.”

Talking to Harper's Bazaar, she said: “That sounds weird, but it's just about being comfortable. Sometimes, I feel at my best when I'm clean in my joggers, really engrossed in something around the house. Just being in your own space, with nothing else around you and no pressures to look good. Maybe I'm playing guitar or piano, where you're just sitting with yourself and can kind of investigate your own brain. I love that kind of solitude."

Suki, who’s ditched the 60s rocker look by adopting French minimalist style, says fashion is not shallow as it’s a form of self-expression and a symbol of freedom.

She added: "What we wear matters because there's so much history attached to it, you can find out so much through clothes and there's so much significance to what we wear. Although there might be some people who wouldn't admit it, fashion is so important, as it's what we cover our naked bodies with, so those choices are so important. People may say they don't care about clothes, but they do in some way; fashion is about how we want to show up and who we want to be in the world. It's fascinating.”

According to Suki, fashion plays a big role in society by reflecting a person’s identity and can be used to make a political statement.

She said: "It's an amazing way to understand one another and bring people together. There are so many implications – both political and cultural – that we don't even realise at the time. Even the fact that I'm wearing this suit, which is usually worn by a man and has been a way to constrict them keeping them uptight. It's cool that we've repurposed it for women to wear, now it's considered sexy and feminine. There are endless things to be fascinated with fashion, even carrying a handbag, it's considered to be related to women providing and carrying a burden. There's psychological meaning to everything we choose and wear."

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