In leading up to Mental Health Awareness Week, Professional marketplace have revealed research that found over three quarters of Brits’ friends or family have struggled or do struggle with mental health issues.

The Duke of Cambridge is an advocate for mental health. Photo: PA

The Duke of Cambridge is an advocate for mental health. Photo: PA

Likewise, just under two thirds have experienced or currently do experience issues with their own mental health. When then asked how often they reflect on their own mental wellbeing, just under half said they do so daily.

It was also found that 12% of these people had never spoken about their own mental wellbeing with those in their life.

Asked to state what had stopped them from speaking to others about their mental wellbeing, and have multiple reasons to choose from, not knowing how to speak to people about their problems, thinking they could handle it on their own, and friends having their own problems topped the list.

Of relevant respondents, over half admitted they felt like they were overreacting or being ‘too much’ when speaking to others about these issues.

During questioning, it was found that 48% had not been to therapy, 45% had and the remaining 6% hadn’t but said they would like to. Of those who had gone, 86% said it helped them in some way. 53% of these respondents went private and 46% went through the NHS.

Those who had not yet been to therapy but would like to were asked why they had not been yet, with the following five answers topping the list:

1.     I do not have enough money to go private – 31%

2.     Waiting times on the NHS are too long – 31%

3.     I do not want to bring up my past feelings – 18%

4.     I get anxious at the ideas – 16%

5.     I don’t like the idea of talking to a stranger about my problems – 11%

81% of participants stated they would only be willing to spend up to £75 per therapy session.

Further research found that the average wait time for mental health appointments on the NHS is almost two months.

Russ Morgan, Co-Founder of, commented on the service:

“It is absolutely vital that we look after our mental wellbeing, just as our physical health. In talking to the many therapists and councillors that use Bidvine, they believe that, although progress has been made, more should be done around the stigma surrounding seeking therapy. A mental health check or therapy session should be just as commonplace as going to the dentist or GP. As we saw with this survey, there is a clear benefit to these types of therapy. As mental health awareness week approaches, I urge everyone to have conversations with your friends and family about mental health. If you need help yourself, do not be afraid to ask either through the NHS or privately.”

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