It’s been a worldwide pastime for many years now – visiting the casino and betting your odds on a variety of games.  Some prefer the bells and lights on a slot machine, while others like to pull up a chair to the Craps table.  Whatever your preference, there is certainly a game type for everyone.  Recently, a new player in the world of gambling has entered the scene in the form of online gaming.  People all over the world can now play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own living room.  However, the gaming industry is highly regulated, and the stakes vary from place to place.  Read on to learn how online gambling is handled legally around the world.

Online Casino Around the World

Online Casino Around the World

United States

In the US, online casino gambling regulation is mostly handled on the state level.  There is no federal law against online gaming, so it is up to state laws to determine the protocol.  Your physical location determines the laws for what kind of gaming you can do online.  Before placing a bet with an online casino in the US, it is best to look on the casino’s website for the official logo of that particular state’s gaming control board.  If you are still unsure, check the state’s Gaming Commission website for a list of licensed online casinos.  Keep in mind that there are also online casino sites based outside of the US which cater to those located in the States, but be mindful of these sites as well before handing over access to your funds, as money fraud is common.


Canada’s stance on online gaming is very liberal compared to other nations.  International, also known as offshore, gaming sites are very popular among players in the country.  The government has not moved towards regulating the use of these sites, and it appears to be unlikely that there will be any type of regulation on these sites in the near future. Similar to the United States, gambling laws in Canada are up to the jurisdiction of individual provinces.  Both British Columbia and Quebec have worked to create their own gambling laws and have built online casino games that can be played by anyone over the age of 19 in either of those two provinces.  Regardless of where you decide to play, there is a very large community of those who enjoy online gaming in Canada.

The UK

The United Kingdom has legalized online gambling throughout the nation.  Anyone over the age of 18 is permitted to take part in online slots, poker, and other casino games.  Visit Casino Pros for a complete list of the best online casinos in the UK. The activity is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which enforces the same controls over online casinos as they do over the land based casino properties.  In 2014, a Gambling Act was passed to help with some of the legal ambiguities surrounding UK online gambling laws.  These blurred lines were around the regulations for companies providing online gaming services from outside of the country.  The Act made licensing and other regulations consistent with those online casinos based in the UK, and subjected these companies to the same 15% tax that the UK based online gaming facilities face.

Remember to be mindful of the local regulations where you are playing.  Since this is a relatively new activity, lawmakers are still trying to find a solid stance on the topic in many areas, which means rules change rapidly.  However, overall, the world is moving towards a more open community for online gaming, bringing players together from around the globe. Now - go win some money!


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