Stress. We all suffer it from time to time. Although some stress is good - it can push us to achieve more and do better, too much of it can take its toll on our daily lives.

Photo: BackBeat FIT 3100

Photo: BackBeat FIT 3100

The causes of stress are different for every person. It may be work-related, the break-down of a relationship or just a string of smaller unfortunate events that over time build up and make life feel like a drag.

The effects of stress can affect a person both emotionally and physically. Feelings of anxiety, mental fatigue and a lack of motivation are often caused by stress. But headaches, physical tiredness and problems sleeping are just some of the physical symptoms of the strains and pressures that life can inflict on us.

April is the month of Stress Awareness. Since 1992, health care professionals and experts join forces to increase public awareness on this common epidemic that many people face. Even the most calm and collected of us experience stress every so often - that’s why it’s important to find something that works for you when it comes to winding down after an intense day.

Whether it’s an evening stroll taking in some fresh air, taking some time out to do a relaxing skin care routine, or enjoying your favourite meal and a glass of wine - everyone needs something to take them away from the daily stresses that life can bring.

We’re firm believers that a feel-good playlist is one thing we all need to give us a boost throughout the day. So when we were asked to review the BackBeat FIT 3100 headphones, we thought it would be a great opportunity to put together a stress-busting playlist and listen through their newest product.

Pairing a good playlist with some exercise is one of our favourite ways to defeat stress. So if you’re having a slow day at work, check out our new playlist on Spotify to brighten your day.

But don’t compromise on the sound quality. We tried and tested the BackBeat headphones to listen to these feel-good tracks and the noise-cancellation on these headphones helped to cancel out negative thoughts of all those minor inconveniences throughout the day.

They’re designed to be comfortable and safe, and thanks to the wireless feature, it also eliminates another one of those annoying stresses - untangling wires before you listen! Pair these with your device via bluetooth, rather than spend what feels like forever untying knots.

And the 5 hours of battery life (plus a charge case that supplies an additional 10 hours of power should you need it) mean listening to your favourite songs - whatever the occasion - never needs to be cut short due to low battery.

We listened to the new playlist through these handy little earphones and can confirm they certainly played a part in getting our mood back on top.

For other tips on how to reduce stress check out these tips to be creative and mindful.

For more information on the BackBeat headphones, go across to the website.

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