We all know how important it is to look after our mental health. But sometimes when we are in an unhappy place, it can be hard to find ways to come out of it.

Eating well will help you see improvements in your overall wellbeing

Eating well will help you see improvements in your overall wellbeing

Making simple changes to your lifestyle doesn’t need to cost a fortune and anyone can follow these simple methods provided by www.Mashufaa.co.uk to work towards a happy, healthy life.

Have quiet time

Take five minutes every day as your time. This is your quiet time. It will empower you. Turn off your phone, computer and sit quietly without the lights. Close your eyes and relax. Do not think of your troubles, but instead focus on your breathing. You are actually meditating now!

Take a breath before your speak

Let your breath guide your speech, and learn to breathe before you speak. Are you sure that you want to give birth to that word? It can’t be taken back.

Keep active

Exercising regularly can boost your self-esteem and help you to look and feel better. Exercise keeps the brain and other organs active and healthy and will massively contribute towards improving your mental health. A great exercise to take up is martial arts; Mashufaa runs two hour classes four times a week to help people stay active and learn a new sporting discipline, as well as offensive and defensive techniques to protect yourself.

Eat well

It is important to feed the correct nutrients to your brain in order to stay healthy and function well.

A diet that is good for your physical health will also contribute towards your mental health. Eat at least three meals each day and drink plenty of water. It is important to avoid too much alcohol because it acts as a depressant and eating an excess amount of junk food will make you feel sluggish, as well as contribute to weight gain.

Do something you’re good at

Everyone feels better when they feel like they are doing something well. Lose yourself in an activity you are good at and you’ll feel the boost your self-esteem gets when you’re finished. Doing something you’re good at probably means you enjoy it too, so why not do something that makes you feel good? If you’re not sure what this is, don’t be afraid to try a new hobby.

Avoid stress

Obviously this isn’t always possible, but stress can heighten a lot of emotions and can make you feel much more anxious. If something is causing you a lot of stress it is best to talk about it to relevant people so that they can help you eliminate those worries. Feeling stressed can also put strain on your body and lead to feeling run down and ill, so be sure to put your health first and share the load.

Care for others

You may be facing your own mental health problems, but others may be experiencing similar troubles. Show you are there for them and you will find they will help you out with your own difficulties; relationships work both ways. It can also be a great distraction from your own issues and even make you realise that yours might not be as bad as they initially appeared.

With these steps you should soon start to feel improvements in your mental wellbeing, but if you are struggling with mental health problems and don’t see an improvement it is important to seek help, whether that’s going to see your GP or a counsellor.

Tips written by a spokesperson for www.Mashufaa.co.uk