Coleen Rooney

Coleen Rooney

Footballers are known for their high wages and lavish lifestyles but the partners and wives are not shy of spending big when they feel the need and no more so than when it comes to the cars they drive.

Alex Gerrard has been crowned Britain’s petrol-head Queen after topping a survey of WAGS and their cars.

Steven Gerrard’s wife was named as Britain’s most inspirational WAG driver in a survey of motorists by leasing giant Central Contracts.

Her Aston Martin DBS Volante convertible picked up 17% of votes - more than any other WAG vehicle and was described as ‘chic, cool, and deliciously classy’ by one respondent.

Coleen Rooney has owned many cars over the past few years including Range Rovers and Bentleys but it was her Lamborghini Gallardo roadster which came second in the survey with 16%.
One voter commented: “Coleen clearly knows her cars. The Lamborghini is one of only a handful of true supercars driven by a WAG. The only snag is it may be a little too ostentatious for some tastes.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has the means to drive any vehicle she desires so her choice of the Range Rover Sport proved she’s still a woman of the people.

She was named in third place with 13%, one respondent commenting: “The Range Rover Sport is the perfect WAGS car. It’s practical enough for the school run but has enough bling to impress the girls. A real WAG classic.”

Helen Flanagan

Other WAGS that made the top ten included Christine Bleakley with her Audi A5 coupe, Helen Flanagan and her Range Rover, Carly Cole with her BMW X5, and Louise Redknapp with her Audi Q7.

Pollsters asked 210 motorists to choose which WAG and car combo they found most inspiring and inspirational.

Top 10 in Full:

1.Alex Gerard’s Aston Martin DBS Volante 17%
2.Coleen Rooney’s Lamborghini Gallardo roadster 16%
3.Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover Sport 13%
4.Abi Clancy Overfinch Range Rover 11%
5.Christine Bleakley Audi A5 coupe 10%
6.Louise Redknapp Audi Q7 9%
7.Melanie Slade Beetle convertible 8%
8.Carly Cole BMW X5 7%
9.Danielle Lloyd Bentley Continental GT roadster 6%
10.Helen Flanagan Range Rover 3%

The survey was carried out for and a spokes person for the company said - “What’s interesting about the survey results is that voters didn’t just vote for the most expensive supercar.

“Instead they voted for the WAGS they could relate to – and many of them drive cars that most of us can still just about dream of owning one day.

“Our voters liked Alex Curran’s Aston Martin DBS Volante as it was seen as being super cool without being over the top.

“Similarly Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover Sport is something many other drivers can relate to. Yes it’s a very nice car but it’s still within the reach of many.

“Mostly WAGS driving supercars weren’t as popular with our motorists although Coleen Rooney was the exception. She may drive a Lamborghini but it seems she hasn’t lost the common touch.”

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