Whether Abba has simply made it on your latest playlist or you’re seriously planning to pack up and move to Greece... however hard you’ve caught the Mamma Mia bug, these tweets are sure to have you in stitches.

Are you ready to pack up and move to Greece yet?

Are you ready to pack up and move to Greece yet?

This person is taking the lyrics quite literally...

We’ve not heard of this relationship status before, but there might be some people quite compatible now.

Some people have had to make an addition to their weekly routines since their viewing.

This person will be pleased to know that ABBA are set to release more music…

And the soundtrack is a second language now for some.

Not dramatic at all!

This person has a great point - the soundtrack is so infectious…

Some people are willing to lose friends over the new movie.

No, there’s no such thing as too many viewings…

And finally, this person has the titles ready for the next 4 sequels! Phew.

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