Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has revealed that it is Judd Apatow who is to blame for dying her hair red.

The actress admits that she dyed her hair red for the movie Superbad and she was unable to go back to her natural blonde for so long.

Speaking on the Late Night Show the actress said: "Everything I auditioned for after that they were like 'Let's keep it red', 'How about a different shade of red?' I was like 'Maybe we could be blonde?' and they were like 'Or red!'."

The Knocked Up director was in the audience and told Emma: "I'm sorry. I still like it better red."

To which Emma replied sarcastically: "Thank you Judd - for everything!"

But Stone is back to her natural blonde hair colour for her new role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider Man.

Stone and her co-star Andrew Garfield are currently on a world-wide tour to promote the new Marvel movie, which sees the story of Peter Parker taken right back to the beginning.

The Amazing Spider Man is released 3rd July.

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