Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has received praise from his director James Watkins for his performance in The Woman In Black.

Radcliffe takes on the central role of Arthur Kipps in the adaptation of the Susan Hill novel while Watkins is in the director's chair.

This is the first movie project for Watkins since horror film Eden Lake.

And he had nothing but praise for his young leading man.

Speaking to us here at FemaleFirst Watkins said: "I am really proud of what he has done because I think that he has shown a different side of himself as an actor. I think he is in a different register compared to other thing that he has done," explains Watkins.

He continues, "I think he holds the film really well, there is a twenty five minute section in the middle of the film where it is just Dan in the house; there is no dialogue and he has to carry it all with his expressions and how he responds through the house.

"That is such a huge challenge as an actor and he doesn’t have other actors to bounce off, which always makes it easier. He is only twenty three and it has a long career ahead of him - hopefully this is one step on that career."

The movie has already had a strong opening in the States - the best opening weekend for a Hammer horror movie ever.

The Woman In Black is released 10th February.

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