Matthew Rhys missed out on playing James Bond after he suggested the suave spy had "a limp" or an "eye patch".

Matthew Rhys was in the running to play James Bond

Matthew Rhys was in the running to play James Bond

The 48-year-old actor was invited to meet the Broccoli family, who produce the franchise, after Piers Brosnan had left the franchise but Daniel Craig hadn't been cast, and things went badly wrong when the 'Perry Mason' star was asked what he would do with the character.

Asked if he had ever been approached about the iconic movie series, he recalled to The Times magazine: "I do remember a time just before Daniel [Craig] got it.

"[I went to the Broccolis' office by Hyde Park], this incredible office, looks over the park. Very intimidating.

"We were just told to wear a dark suit and read 'Casino Royale'.

"[It was] terrifying."

Matthew told how the producers were sitting behind a table "with Hyde Park behind them", which he described as a "power move" because he had to take a seat facing them all.

He continued: “Right, totally. ‘Ah, Mr Bond, come in.’

“And they said, ‘What would you do differently with Bond?’ And I just remember going, ‘Ah.’ I was so not anticipating that question. And then I was like, is it a trick question? Are they waiting for people to go, ‘I wouldn’t do anything. He’s perfect’?

"[I didn’t want to say] 'Oh, it’s been a bit one-note for a few decades, hasn’t it? I think we can drop the misogynistic jokes.'

"[So I joked] I’d give him a limp. I said, ‘Limp?’ Nothing. ‘Eye patch?’ Nothing.”

He was then ushered out and the job went to Daniel, who starred in five Bond films until 2021's 'No Time to Die'.