Imelda Staunton

Imelda Staunton

Imelda Staunton only met Angelina Jolie once while filming 'Maleficent'.

The 58-year-old actress plays head pixie Knotgrass in Disney's reimagining of the 'Sleeping Beauty' tale but she admits she only crossed paths with the 39-year-old actress, who plays the title role, at the beginning of production when the cast met for tea.

She said: "We met Angelina at a rehearsal and just met her. We all had a cup of tea, we read a few lines out loud, and then off she went and off we went ... the three of us pixies [including Juno Temple as Thistlewit and Lesley Manville as Flittle] did all our bits together but we never saw Angelina again."

The fantasy film was shot in the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England, and Imelda insists she had great fun performing her role because she spent a large amount of time flying.

Asked where she filmed her scenes, she replied in a radio interview: "I was here [in Britain in greenscreen]. I loved it. In harnesses and black suits and flying all over the rooms. We're pixies and then we magically appear as ourselves, not as ourselves but as normal. But for most of the time we were about two inches high but the weeks that we did live action, we had costume."

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