This past week has brought us some great film-related news; from proposals surrounding a Howard the Duck reboot, Chris Pratt’s Tomorrow War potentially getting a sequel. Check all this out, and more, below!

Picture Credits (l-r): Netflix, Lucasfilm, Skydance Media

Picture Credits (l-r): Netflix, Lucasfilm, Skydance Media

Sweet Girl trailer revealed, starring Jason Momoa

Netflix has recently released the trailer for Sweet Girl, a film that will focus on father Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa), and his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced), who are out for revenge against a pharmaceutical company.

The duo seek justice against the medical company that were responsible for pulling a supposedly life-saving drug from the market, just before family man Ray’s wife dies of cancer.

However, Ray and Rachel’s search for the truth turns deadly; the more they try to find answers, the more danger they are in.

Brian Andrew Mendoza, who worked with Momoa as a producer on Netflix’s Frontier, will be making his directorial debut with this movie, which lands on the streaming service on August 20th, 2021.

The Tomorrow War may be getting a sequel

Despite The Tomorrow War only recently being added to Amazon Prime, star of the movie Chris Pratt, and director Chris McKay, are supposedly already speaking with the streaming service about a sequel.

The sci-fi film from Skydance was bought by Amazon for $200 million to put on their streaming platform, which turned out to be a great investment, as a reported 2.4 million households streamed the film on its opening weekend.

The film follows Pratt, who plays a former Army Ranger, as he is called to serve in the strangest of circumstances: soldiers from the future have come back in time to fight alien invaders.

Since The Tomorrow War did so well, it seems that we may be getting a sequel due to the popularity of this sci-fi and action movie and, as the first one was, it will most likely be a massive hit.

Henry Cavill to star in Kingsman director’s new spy franchise

The Witcher actor Henry Cavill takes the lead in the stellar cast of Matthew Vaughn’s, director of the Kingsman movies, new globetrotting spy franchise, Argylle.

As reported by Deadline, Vaughn’s second espionage-based franchise follows ‘the world’s greatest spy’, Argylle, as he faces adventures that take him all over the world.

Cavill heads up the cast, joined by Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2), Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World franchise), Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad), and Samuel L. Jackson (MCU franchise).

Based on the book, soon to be published, by Ellie Conway, the new franchise is set to run for at least three movies, with the first aiming to start filming in August this year (2021).

With such an exceptional cast and visionary director, the Argylle franchise seems to be an exciting new entry into the spy genre.

Howard the Duck star suggests a Marvel reboot

In the recently revealed trailer for Marvel’s What If series, we saw none other than Howard the Duck, a sort of backseat member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; he’s has a cameo role in a couple Marvel movies, but has never been involved in a main storyline.

Lea Thompson, star of the original 1986 film Howard the Duck, has inferred that she would be willing to return as a director on an MCU reboot of the feathered hero.

Despite the original film being regarded as one of the worst films ever made, Howard has still been present in the MCU, even in minor roles. The MCU features talking trees, raccoons with guns, and people with blue, pink and green skin; so, a duck like Howard would be great choice of character to have a film of his own.

If the film does indeed get a reboot, it will be interesting to see what key elements have been changed, and if Thompson gets to direct the feature.

The Simpsons Movie 2 director doesn’t want a streaming-only release

Showrunner and producer of The Simpsons, Al Jean, has said he wants to see how cinemas bounce back before moving forward with The Simpsons Movie 2.

The Simpsons TV series has been running since 1989, making it the longest running show in America. The animated sitcom has entertained families for decades, and their movie from 2007 was a brilliant way to take the series onto the big screen.

The first movie saw Homer (Dan Castellaneta) accidently pollute Springfield’s water supply, which led to the town being quarantined with a giant glass sphere so no one can leave.

While the sequel isn’t in production just yet, Jean has stated that the movie, when it does come about, should be experienced on a big screen rather than in audience’s homes; however, that may have to be the case, as not everyone is ready to head out to the cinemas just yet.

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