Jude Law needed to "really understand" the character of Captain Hook in 'Peter Pan and Wendy.'

Jude Law on playing Captain Hook

Jude Law on playing Captain Hook

The 50-year-old actor stars as the arch-villain in the upcoming fantasy film - which serves as a live-action adaptation of 1959 Walt Disney classic 'Peter Pan - and explained that it was about more than just "camping it up" for the part and loved being able to "join the dots" to justify what led the character to his place in the story.

He told ScreenRant: " I just love being able to join the dots and understand. It's one thing to play [an] arch-villain and just turn on the camp of the bad guy, but to really understand them. To really go back and look at the damage done. The unfortunate path that this person has trod and how that affects the way they dress, the way they look, and just their spirit, their heart. That's why I do this job. I love all that stuff. It gives you roots, it gives you gravitas when you when you step on and you have to play the part."

The Oscar-winning star - who appears alongside newcomer Alexander Molony and 'Black Widow' actress Ever Anderson in the title roles of Peter and Wendy respectively - went on to question who his character may have been as a child and explained that getting the "right mix" of character traits was the overall "challenge" of the part.

He added: "Who was he as a little boy? Obviously, so much of the theme of Peter Pan is about growing up and Hook being the adult in the mix along with the pirates. He symbolizes the bad path. He symbolizes a life where the scars heal over scars, heal over scars and it has an effect, ultimately, on his heart and on his soul.

"Understanding and demonstrating that was the most rewarding aspect and challenging in many ways because at the same time, you're in a fantasy. You want him to be fun. You want him to be attractive, laughable, and equally threatening. So getting that mix just right was the challenge.

'Peter Pan and Wendy' is due for release on April 28.

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