London based electronic pop duo Huski return with their stunning new album ‘H’. Produced by Psychemagik, ‘H’ is their most sonically ambitious album, beautifully textured and otherworldly, yet still highly accessible.  

The ‘H’ artwork and the promo video for first single ‘Sleep’s Over’ come courtesy James Sutton, who has worked with acclaimed US rapper Kid Cudi.

Huski are Melanie Garside and Pike Galloway. Melanie Garside originally found fame with 90’s indie noiseniks Tabitha Zu and her sister Katie ‘Daisy Chainsaw’ Garside’s QueenAdreena, as well as Our Lady Of Miracles and Vertigo Angels, then spent time with female classical acapella troupe Mediaeval Baebes.

It was in the mid-noughties that Garside began the two projects that continue to consume her to this day, Huski and solo project Maple Bee. She met Pike Galloway in 2006, and as Huski the pair released their first album ‘Love, Peace, Pain’ that same year, touring to promote it with Robots In Disguise, to much fanfare not least because of the latter’s connection with comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh.

‘H’ was originally intended to be a reworking of 2008’s fan-funded second album ‘Strangelove’, which was only made available to a few online, but has turned out to be a brand new collection. Despite the candy-coated synthpop of ‘H’, the themes are hardly chart-friendly: Huski are a deceptively intense affair.

As Garside, who works as a music therapist when not pouring out songs, puts it, 'We sound playful but generally the themes we deal with are quite dark'.