Are S Club 7 next on the list to reform?

Are S Club 7 next on the list to reform?

With big 90’s bands such as Blue and 5ive recently getting back together for The Big Reunion, we travelled back in time and came up with the top 90’s band we would like to see a comeback from!

01 – Spice Girls

Everyone’s favourite girl group of the 90’s! Although the band did reform in 2007 - 2008, they soon got lost in the pop world and once again became a distant memory to us. However, rumours have again sparked up that the band will get back together without Victoria Beckham. Fingers crossed!

Spice Girls were a phenomenal success and earned themselves 2 multi-platinum albums, 6 consecutive UK #1 hits and even starred in their own motion picture. And with dolls, t-shirts, games and just about anything else, Spice Girls really were the band of the 90’s. With their catchy tunes, cheesy dance moves and wacky clothes, we can’t help but miss these girls! Bring us back Posh, Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby!

02 – S Club 7

It seems possible that after the success of The Big Reunion every popular 90’s band is now in talks to reform and S Club 7 are no different, with rumours quickly spreading that the band will be making a comeback.

S Club 7 was a household name and went on to have many hits including S Club Party, Reach and Don’t Stop Movin’. They even had their own magazine at one point and it seemed like nothing could stop this 7-piece.

03 – NSYNC

The band that introduced us to the very handsome and very talented Justin Timberlake, NSYNC gives us a lot to be thankful for. With their second album selling 2.4 million copies in the first 7 days of its release, setting a global record for first-week sales, NSYNC were a popular group of the 90’s.

And now we watch the success of former member, Justin Timberlake, who has earned global success and has recently made a comeback to the music scene with his recent album, ‘The 20/20 Experience’. In his time away from the music scene, he has gained recognition as an established actor, starring in ‘Friends with Benefits’, ‘Bad Teacher’ and the ‘Social Network’ to name a few. But is a reunion with his old band next on the cards for Justin? Let’s hope so!

04 – Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child is arguably our times biggest and most successful girl bands, introducing us to the gorgeous Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. These girls ooze with sophistication and each member has gone on to gain great success outside of the band.

05 – Westlife

This Irish band was one of the biggest boy bands of the 90’s and were originally signed by music man, Simon Cowell and managed by Louis Walsh. Despite only recently splitting up in 2012, we want them back! With the band selling over 50 million records worldwide and earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for being the UK’s top selling album group of the 21st century, the band were a huge success for their 14 year career.

06 – Oasis

Our favourite indie band, it is hard not to love brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher, and the rest of this moody band. Let’s be honest, when we’re out on a night out and someone sticks ‘Wonderwall’ on, we found ourselves belting it out from the top of our lungs and we’re sure you’re no different!

With eight UK number one singles, eight UK number one albums and the proud winners of many awards, Oasis are no one hit wonder. And with media coverage of the brother’s disputes, it’s hard not to be infatuated by them. Can Liam and Noel put aside their differences and bring back Oasis, please?

07 – All Saints

With 9 top ten hits and number ones, All Saints were one of UK’s biggest girl groups. The girls also earned themselves two multi-platinum albums, two gold albums and worldwide sales. Although former member, Melanie Blatt has stated that the band will never reform, we can still hope that a miracle will happen and we will see the band back in our charts!

08 – Vengaboys

This Eurodance pop group are best known for ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!’ and ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’. The Vengaboys have recently announced via their website and Twitter that they are making a comeback and here at FemaleFirst, we are excited to announce this!

This band originates from Amsterdam and has reached the top of the charts in over 50 countries and are winners of several awards including the TMP Award for Best Dance Act.

09 – No Doubt

No Doubt introduced us to the beautiful, Gwen Stefani and since then, we have always had a fond place in our hearts for her. The band has recently announced they are working on a new album and a tour will later take place.

10 – Steps

Okay, so the band already reformed (apparently) but we need to see more of this band! Most famous for their hit’ Tragedy’, Steps were often in the charts in the 90’s. The band had huge success and at one point it seemed like everyone was the proud owner of at least one Steps album.

Which bands do you want to reform? Should bands stop reforming and let it stay history? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting to @FemaleFirst

By Claire Lancaster