Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud will be back in the album charts next week and with their latest single something new hitting the shelves last Sunday, we’ve come up with our favourite songs from the girl group to commerorate the occasion.

So, without further ado, let’s start this nostalgia train and take a look at half a dozen of the best moments from Cheryl, Nicola, Kimberley, Nadine and Sarah.

6) Love Machine

This is Girls Aloud at their most joyful, sugary and rapid, which might just cause a shock to the system if you’re not prepared or its sheer bounciness.

Debuting at number two in the charts, the third single in a row to enter the chart from that position from the band, Love Machine was a big old slice of fun that made the most of the girl’s exuberant personas and was just a great night out with the girls wrapped up in three minutes and fourty two seconds.

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5) Sexy! No, No, No

This was Girls Aloud experimenting with the world of dance and electronica and mixing it with their own irreverent style of pop. Proving they could move along with the new craze of electronic elements and aggressive autotune use, their latest single combined thos two elements to fantastic effect, creating an ultra-catchy and rather daring attempt on the charts.

Processing, like with many of their songs, hooks big enough to be able to catch a great white shark, Sexy! No No No was yet another top five hit for the group.

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4) No Good Advice

While their debut had set the stall out for Girls Aloud to be fresh and edgy, their follow up single absolutely fulfilled that potential, showing that same youthful attitude that made them strike a chord quite so effectively.

While an exploration on YouTube will find you seeing a terribly low-fi video involving the girls dressed in what appears to be tin foil with a phone booth and a rusty jalopy, the song itself still remains fresh and enjoyable after all the years.

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3) The Promise

Girls Aloud’s last number one hit is one that will easily rank amongst their very best, with the track oozing a relaxed, nostalgic quality that makes it one of the truly unique songs by the quintet.

From the mellifluous, flowing chorus through the silky smooth transitions, this is a song that oozes style and is wonderfully laid back and stress-free, offering a much slower tempo that offered a breath of fresh air to the groups usual 100mph fair.

Click here to download the track The Promise

A heck of a debut single from their fifth album Out Of Control.

 2) Sound Of The Underground

When an act comes off the back of a talent show, they need a strong opening act. In the decade since its release, no winner’s song has been as good as Girls Aloud’s opening salvo, with it perfectly bottling everything that would make Girls Aloud a smash hit right out of the box.

Fast paced, moody and gritty (for a pop song), Sound Of The Underground marked Girls Aloud out from the girl band bunch and got them a debut number one. Despite being ten years old, the only thing dated about Sound Of The Underground is Cheryl’s bizarre get up in the video.

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1) The Loving Kind

Taken from their last original album Out Of Control, it had a lot to live up to following The Promise. While it may not have had the same chart success as The Promise, it more than lived up to the billing.

It only got to number ten in the charts (and it took quite a climb to get there), but the penultimate single from the band’s first stint is one of their best, making the most of the girl’s vocals and is a fantastic combination of melancholy lyrics with traditional joyful instrumental, creating a blend unseen in most of the band’s other hits.

A spiritual successor to Call The Shots, The Loving Kind was a demonstration of Girls Aloud at their very best.

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There’s a quick look at our favourite Girls Aloud tracks, but do you have a favourite that we haven’t picked up on? Let us know in the comments below.

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