Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sandé cleaned up at the BRITs this week and rounded off a simply incredible year for the singer, which has seen her change from behind- the-scenes songwriter to a household name.

Two appearances at the Olympics, the biggest selling album of the year by a country mile and awards coming out of the wazoo have all been a part of Sandé’s 2012, but can she follow in the footsteps of Adele and Ed Sheeran and become the latest British star to make it big in the US?

Her success in the UK has been incredible, but many have said that this was only because of the incredible amounts of media coverage given to her over the past year. While it is true that it’s hard to walk around any city in the UK without seeing her face somewhere, she’s not just an sudden up and comer who’s been selected by the music label overlords for success.

Sandé’s spent her time writing songs for other artists and trying to get a break on her own. She was knocked back by many in the industry, with even Gary Barlow saying that she wouldn’t be a star and many trying to keep her simply writing.

While her style of music fits in perfectly with what Americans seem to love from British singers, Sandé’s album didn’t really do the business when it first launched in America last year, only clocking in at number 28 in the US charts.

That might change though this year, with the backing of not only her awards success, but now the much more important backing of Jay-Z. With her also starting her own headline tour this year in the States, instead of simply supporting Coldplay, Emeli Sandé has the stand to make a real impression on America.

The one caveat comes in the form of Sandé perhaps not having as much of a unique angle to her music that many other Brits who’ve cracked the formula in America. While Sandé is a technically brilliant singer, she might not be quite memorable enough to really lodge herself into the minds of our American cousins.

We thoroughly expect Sandé to break through in the States though, especially if she’s able to get the same type of backing that she got in the UK. It won’t be world domination though, despite the encouragement of Jay-Z, as we don’t think her success will be to the same levels as Mumford and Sons, One Direction and Adele have enjoyed over the last couple of years, probably more on the levels of Florence Welch.

Stranger things have happened though, and with the British Invasion once again in full swing, this could be the perfect time for Sandé to strike.