Katy Perry recently made her return to the pop music scene with the release of her new single ‘Chained to The Rhythm’, and now the brilliant new music video for the track has been released, directed by Mathew Cullen and taking fans on a trip to Oblivia.

What exactly does the video mean, though? Is it simply just another bubblegum pop release, or something smarter? We think Katy’s gone with the latter, and here are all of the statements we found in the video which led to our conclusion…

  • The oxymoron of 'Flame Water'; someone is selling you water that's on fire and people will buy it without question. We indulge too much in products that have no real meaning, stoking the fires of commercialism and capitalism, and it's doing nothing but harm us.
  • Pricking her finger on a rose at the beginning shows that even in Utopia, nothing is perfect. We then later find out that Katy's character is called Rose, which hints at society doing more harm to themselves than good by wearing their 'rose-coloured glasses', and accepting whatever is laid out for them.
  • While in the line waiting to get on a ride, the waiting time ticks over to 1,984 hours. This is one of the video's clearest references, referring to George Orwell's book '1984', which many have said President Trump and his administration are following to the letter when it comes to governing the United States.
  • The rollercoaster itself could be an extended metaphor for life. It's a ride that you cannot control but that you want to be a part of. There are ups and downs but in the end, you always come right back to the start.
  • At one point we see a ‘Safe Trip Home’ sign and the ride, ‘No Place Like Home’. The ride scoops up a black couple and flings them out of the theme park; clearly a play on the huge fear and bigotry rampant in the world today towards people of ethnic minorities.
  • Those who are at the theme park are all on their phones taking photos, not living in and enjoying the moment and instead 'living through a lens'.
  • There's also a commentary on society's need for validation through social media, with the hearts and emojis and likes scattered through the video. When she and a male counterpart ride a 'love' ride, they collect hearts as they go. She gets a meagre 17 hearts, whilst the guy gets a whopping 9,478. Perhaps this is in relation to the way women are still treated inadequately when opposite men in modern-day society?
  • The juxtaposition of the 50s fashion sense along with futuristic clothing further pushes this notion. Are we as a world going back in time rather than making steps to bring equality to the world?
  • As Katy makes her way throughout Oblivia, her eye makeup and hair changes, representative of her journey of self-discovery. In the final scene she's awoken from the spell, breaks the fourth wall and connects to reality.

What do you think? Found any more political or societal statements made in the video? Let us know!

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