She's one of the biggest stars in the world, so we've decided to take a look at every single music video that Katy Perry has released and rank them from least to most favourite - let us know if you agree or disagree with our list, and tell us just what your favourite music video from the list is!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

22) Starstrukk (2009)

Collaborating with 3OH!3, the band are seen sitting at a fountain, retreiving coins that have been thrown in and causing women to go on and pursue them. In further scenes, Perry sings in front of the fountain with the band, dancing underneath it at night during her verse. Simple, and a little disappointing, the video was never going to make the top end of this list.

21) If We Ever Meet Again (2010)

Another collaboration - this time with Timbaland - the pair sing and dance with one another in a dark room whilst an art thief and jewellery thief story is told, both being arrested by the police before retrieving the stolen items at the end of the video.

20) Ur So Gay (2007)

Expectedly low-budget, this video sees two dolls playing the role of Katy and her boyfriend whilst the pop sensation herself sits on fake grass with fake flowers and fake clouds passing by behind her. Despite it being her earliest video work, there's still that Perry charm included, but it cannot even try to rival what she puts out today.

19) Thinking of You (2007 original version)

Katy has since making this video said it was "made by a friend" and never intended to be officially released. Using a cross-cutting technique, comparisons between two different relationships are shown as our young singer brings out the passion for an incredible ballad.

18) This Is How We Do (2014)

A bit of a disappointment if we're honest, as minimalistic scenes see Perry enact the activities described through the lyrics. With a little more effort, This Is How We Do could have been a slice of music video heaven, but it was not meant to be.

17) Who You Love (2013)

Then-boyfriend John Mayer collaborates with Katy on this piece which sees the two in various places, such as riding a mechanical bull with fireworks raining down behind the two of them. Looking completely in love, we can't help but hope that the rumours are true and this couple go the distance with their relationship.

16) Thinking of You (2009 commercial version)

The official video for the ballad, Perry stars this time as a young woman reminiscing about her times with her now-deceased lover, who was killed during World War II in France. Matt Dallas stars as Katy's soldier boyfriend.

15) I Kissed A Girl (2008)

Did you spot Kesha? She was relatively unknown at the time and featured here alongside other flamboyantly-dressed women dancing to the track and DJ Skeet Skeet.

14) Teenage Dream (2010)

Returning to her hometown of Santa Barbara in California, Katy's real-life friends are featured whilst her character drives in her car with a boyfriend before going to the beach. It's a sweet, romantic piece which sees the two swim in a pool and kiss underwater before the video comes to an end.

13) Part Of Me (2012)

Going through some vigorous training, Perry decides to enlist in the Marine Corps after witnessing her boyfriend cheating on her with a co-worker. It's a simple yet effective piece of short film that hits all the right spots.

12) Dark Horse (2014)

Katy Patra debuts in Memphis, Egypt in Ancient Egypt, alongside Juicy J who appears in various forms. Patra is approached by various suitors - many of whom simply do not fit the bill and end up as a pile of dust or eradicated completely. Controversy struck the video due to a certain piece of jewellery - now taken out of the flick - but aside from that it's a well-put together, if slightly forgettable piece.

11) Hot n Cold (2008)

One of the most fun videos Katy has produced, she features as a bride preparing to get married to fiancé Alexander, but it's not to be, and Alex flees the altar before committing. Parents Keith Hudson and Mary Perry both appear in the video as well as Shannon Woodward and Jadyn Maria who play bridesmaids.

10) E.T. (2011)

Perry looks incredible in this video which sees her portraying an alien who lands on an abandoned planet Earth. Whilst Kanye West floats around in a spaceship, Katy approaches a robot who turns out to be a human male and somebody she walks into the distance with - a love interest portrayed by Shaun Ross.

9) California Gurls (2010)

Here, Katy introduces the fictional land of Candyfornia and frees various females who have become stuck in candy-related traps. Snoop Dogg features with an army of gummy bears - a group she takes out using her whipped-cream bra. It's absolute madness - and for that, we absolutely love it.

8) Firework (2010)

Going global for this video, the piece was filmed in Budapest with various youngsters from the city tackling their individual insecurities such as weight and sexuality. Dancing in the courtyard of Buda Castle with the young people, Katy and the group see fireworks burst from their chest in what is an inspirationally moving project, dedicated to the It Gets Better campaign and winning Video Of The Year at MTV's 2011 Video Music Awards.

7) The One That Got Away (2011)

This one's a tearjerker! Perry's shown as an elderly woman, reminiscing about her time she spent with a former lover before the two argued and her boyfriend left. Seen driving away, the man accidentally drives off a cliff - a place which Perry's older self returns to, holding hands with a vision of him before he disappears and she sadly has to walk away. Diego Luna stars as Perry's former lover.

6) Birthday (2014)

Staged or for real? You decide, as Perry portrays five different characters and crashes several different birthday parties whose guests are supposedly oblivious to her true identity. Stunts are staged such as car crashes and Perry dropping a cake onto a man to elicit reactions before her disguise is unmasked at a child's party, causing the place to erupt into laughter and fun.

5) Roar (2013)

Stuck on a deserted island following a private plane crash, Perry and her boyfriend aren't getting along and it's just a matter of time before he's eaten by a tiger which Katy goes on to tame, eventually becoming the Queen of the island's jungle.

4) Waking Up In Vegas (2009)

Katy and her lover are followed in Las Vegas as they win huge amounts of money through gambling, before losing it all and becoming embroiled in a huge row. Vegas favourites Penn and Teller make cameo appearances as well as Daniel Negreanu and George J. Maloof Jr.

3) Unconditionally (2013)

The feeling of unconditional love is shown through various states, including scenes where Perry is singing in the snow, being hit by a car and being set on fire. It's an underrated gem and beautiful piece that deserved huge success.

2) Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (2011)

Playing nerdy teenager Kathy Beth Terry, a flashback shows Katy's hear that a party's taking place at Rebecca Black's house. Pulling her inside, the infamous teen (who shot to fame following her release of 'Friday') pulls Kathy inside and gives her a makeover. Eventually moving the entire gathering to Kathy's house, Glee stars Darren Criss and Kevin McHale star alongside Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson as Kathy's parents, Kenny G as Uncle Kenny and Hanson as themselves. If you're looking for a video that simply has a lot of fun and reminds you of a house party you went to, not remembering what went on the next day, look no further. Despite being silly, it's hugely relatable.

1) Wide Awake (2012)

Magical and endearing, the video sees Katy enter her dressing room before it changes into a spooky labyrinth with a range of varying obstacles and traps. Eventually she reaches the exit and manages to escape, and with the vision cracked, the setting returns to Perry's dressing room before she rises to perform on-stage.

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